Monday, June 1, 2015


I forgot to do one of these last month! Wow, I'm lame. Oh well. Happy June! Can you believe it's almost Summer?! Ugh. Alright, so let's do some catching up. This months post is lacking in pictures a bit, sorry! My computer has been a little buggy today. I was trying to make the collages I normally do for these posts, but just got frustrated and gave up ;_;

Reading - Because I didn't write enough about books recently? Hahah. Right now I'm reading Manhattan Mayhem: New Crime Stories from the Mystery Writers of America, edited by Mary Higgins Clark. It's a book of short stories, which isn't something I normally read, but I'm having SO much fun reading this. Every story ends with a badass twist. Each writer picked a different part of Manhattan for their story to take place and before each story there's a cool photo from each location, so at the same time I feel like I'm taking a little tour of Manhattan. I can't wait to finish this book and share a full review with you!

Watching - As someone that works in theatre, people are always surprised that I haven't seen the cultural phenomenon that is GLEE. So a couple weeks back I finally decided to give it a shot. And I have to's kinda awful. I mean, the songs are fun (I especially enjoy the mashups), but most of the characters are jerks and I don't really care what happens to them either way. Rachel's a jerk...Finn's a jerk...Quinn's a jerk...obviously Sue's a jerk...even Artie's kinda a jerk sometimes. I think I'm only still watching because I like watching Kurt and Blaine (mostly Blaine).

The entire Glee club trying to deal with Rachel's BS.

Listening - Lately I've found myself listening to the Wiz Khalifa album Rolling Papers alot. Which is kind of weird because for the most part I've never been a huge Wiz Khalifa fan, but whatever. #FeelinIt. It's probably because I like to pretend I'm more gangsta than I really am.

Playing - Not much to say on this topic because when I do have time to game, I'm still playing Heroes of the Storm WAY HARD. Which is exactly what I said last time. So yeah. Any Monster Hunter fans here? I've been thinking of trying to get into that, too. Problem is, since I do most of my gaming on PC I don't have any of the newer consoles. I have a PS2, Xbox 360 and a DSi. So maybe I'll just wait until I get a 3DS someday...or something. I don't knooow!

Working on - Honestly my main thing right now is just trying to get a lot of reading done. I have so many books that I've started and haven't finished yet. Like, I'm in the middle of five different books right now. Hahah.

Loving - The other day I read book one (so issues #1-5) of Afterlife with Archie, and it was amaaazing! So great. I've been reading Archie comics for years and years, but I think this series will appeal to people that aren't even a fan of the original series. It's crazy different and has an entirely new feel. I can't wait to read more of the series and I can't stop thinking about it! When I get a chance I'll be writing a full review for sure!

...and here's s few pictures from May! The only collage I was able to hammer out before my computer started being rude. Now I'm off to get some reading done!

1. Drinking my first midori sour (it was great) at this crazy event called HOODSLAM! / 2. I won a giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers ever, Twinkie Chan! #Swoon / 3. I got to watch one of my oldest and best friends graduate from college! By the time the ceremony was over the lighting wasn't the best, hahah. / 4. Afterlife with Archie!!! 

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