Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My First Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day

As everyone knows by now, last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! If you didn't already know, well...I guess the title is self explanatory. Free comic books!!! Even more exciting, this was my first year being able to go! Past years I was always working, or out of town, or just SOMETHING. So this year, even though I had a crazy busy week, had trouble getting out of bed that morning, and was all out of coffee, I knew I HAD to go to Free Comic Book Day.

While I wanted to do a little Aquaman casual cosplay, it was unexpectedly warm out so I ended up just wearing the top half and a regular pair of shorts, nixing the leggings. Still fun! We only had two stops on our Free Comic Book Day Extravaganza, and the first one was at the library. Andrew and I live right across the street from the library, it's awesome! Their Free Comic Book Day event was more kid orientated, and we waited in line with some 5 - 10 year olds and their parents. Slightly embarrassing, but the kids were cute and I still got my comic book so it's a win! Since they were keeping it kid friendly they didn't have a good portion of the free comics other places were carrying, but that's alright because they DID have sweet bookmarks and stickers! They also had Marvel coloring pages up for grabs, and as tempting as they were I decided to leave them for the kids.

Free Comic Book Day

Our next stop was at the comic shop in the next town over! There was a long line out the door and Stormtroopers doing crowd control. We ran into an old friend of mine who was also just getting there, so we got to hang out and chat in the long line together! Long lines are easy with good company ;) Once inside, they let everyone take four free comics each, and if you wanted additional comics from the free table they were $1 each. Before going I already knew I HAD to get the free Fight Club 2 preview from Dark Horse Comics. I can't wait for the full graphic novels to come out! My other two favorites I picked up that day were Afterlife with Archie and Teen Titans Go! I've been reading Archie comics since I was a kid and have been wanting to start the Afterlife series for awhile, and I got really into Teen Titans when I was in my early teens. Cyborg is my favorite!

Combined with the comics Andrew picked, here's the rest of our haul! Actually, one's missing. I was reading it last night so I guess I forgot to grab it off my nightstand, hahah. Oops. For the most part we wanted the same comics, so I like that we ended up getting a big selection of things we both like. Double the fun! Did you go out for Free Comic Book Day?

Free Comic Book Day

P.S. - Sorry for the hokey comic book-y fonts and words on my pictures. I saw them on PicMonkey and just couldn't say no because I'm a sucker like that.

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