Sunday, May 31, 2015

Armchair BEA - Wrapping it Up

Armchair BEA
The fifth and final ABEA banner I'm using was made by the cool folks behind Geeky Library!

Day FIVE! Whew. So I guess that's it, guys. This is my favorite blogging event, and I'm sad to see it end. I met some new blogging friends, I grew closer to old blogging friends, my "to read" list is longer than ever before, and I'm feeling so inspired to just keep writing even more about books (which works out great because I have a whole list of books I need to write about)! What could be better? Not much, friends. With that said, I want to give a big, giant THANK YOU to the awesome homies behind Armchair BEA, and all the other book lovers that made it awesome!

Here's a little recap of what I wrote and some of the awesome posts I saw this week! Get ready for ten billion hyperlinks!

I'll throw some book gifs into this post because why not. Also because Trapped in the Closet.

Day 1 - On the first day we wrote our introductions! I shared a cat gif, expressed my love for Kanye West and other embarrassing tidbits. On Instagram we shared #Shelfies! Here's mine, but I'm really in love with this one posted by Erratic Project Junkie! I'd love to make my own little reading room someday.

Day 2 - The next day I wrote about "Visual Expressions" and different ways to tell stories! I also enjoyed this post on A Universe in Words on the subject, she had some great picks! On Instagram everyone got creative with book spine poetry. My favorite was this one from Jenni Elyse!

Day 3 - On Friday one of the topics was "Character Chatter," which I had a lot of fun writing about! One of the Instagram themes for the day was quotes, so I snapped a pic of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books :) The ABEA site shared some awesome notes from the Blogger Con panel at Book Expo America, about engaging your readers! I also got to join the second half of the ABEA twitter party that morning, which was a lot of fun! I was late because I got my time zones mixed up, hahah.

Day 4 - Day four was all about book to movie adaptations and hosting giveaways! I wrote about a few of my favorite book/movie adaptations! It's probably my favorite daily topic post of the week. My buddy Kayly from My Open Sketchbook also had some great picks! Our Instagram theme was the same, so I snapped a pic of more favorites (well two of them are the same from my post, but there's one new one)! If you haven't seen the huge list of ABEA blogs hosting giveaways, be sure to check it out!

When you really wanna like the new Chuck Palahniuk book, but he just keeps writing about bodily fluids.

You also may (or maybe not) have noticed I used a different ABEA banner each day. Thanks again Bursting Books, My Open Sketchbook, Strupag, Geeky Library and Nina Reads for lending me your art and making things a bit more colorful!

So I guess that's everything. Thanks for a great week, everyone! I had so much fun. I hope some of you enjoyed reading my posts even a fraction as much as I enjoyed reading yours ;)

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