Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Armchair BEA - Visual Expressions

Using a spiffy new BEA header, thanks to Bursting Books!

Day two! Today's topic is "Visual Expressions," different ways and mediums to tell stories, so here's a few favorites that I wanted to share :) I'm always intrigued by new and creative ways to tell stories, so I'm excited to see what everyone else has to say on this topic!

Horrorstor, by Grady Hendrix

I read this book back in January, and it's definitely one of the most creative books I've ever read! It's a sci-fi/horror story/comedy told in the form of an Ikea catalog! It's not super scary or sci-fy-y, so if those aren't usually your favorite genres I'd still recommend giving this book a try! For more of my thoughts and some fun pictures from inside the book check out the review I wrote!


Sailor Twain, or The Mermaid in the Hudson, by Mark Siegel

This is a graphic novel I read recently! It's a bit hefty, but I plowed through it in a few hours. It's about two steamboat sailors that fall under the spell of a mermaid found in the Hudson River. I picked it up on a whim in the YA section at the library (while I was actually in search of Aquaman), so I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be a lot darker than I'd thought it'd be, and is illustrated in creepy, shadowy drawings that really fit with the story. After a short Google search read that it wasn't supposed to be in the YA section after all, hahah.

Sailor Twain

The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black, by E.B. Hudspeth

Here's an uber creepy book I read last year! The Resurrectionist is written in the form of a (fictional) biography about Dr. Spencer Black, who slowly but surely goes crazy with the obsession of proving that mythical creatures existed in the past. It also includes letters to and from Dr. Black, which by themselves are more than enough to prove his growing insanity. This book gets a bit gross at times, so if the idea of chopping up animals and sewing them back up into new ones makes you queasy (I mean how else are we gonna make mermaids, guys) then maybe give this one a pass. You can read my full review of this book right here!

Tomorrows topic is "Character Chatter!"

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