Saturday, April 25, 2015

Little Life Updates

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone's having a great weekend :) Today's post isn't really about anything in particular, I guess I just feel like writing. The last three blog posts I wrote were book reviews, and so is the post I will ideally (but probably not) have up on Monday. So today I just felt like writing about me and what I've been up to (mostly not bookish related, but some of it is because I can't NOT write about books). Sometimes I'm very self centered! I guess that's why I have a blog (shrug).

Today's mood.

- So clearly I've been reading a lot. This week I started and finished Go Ahead and Like It, and two days ago started Geek Love. Having friends that loan you books is very important!

- I went to see two shows today! One was a ballet of Cinderella (very cute), the other is actually later tonight - it's a play called Picnic. I love seeing shows!

- Lately, if I'm not out somewhere or reading, I'm playing Heroes of the Storm. SO OBSESSED. It's more fun to play with friends though, so sign up for beta and be on my team!!! I was thinking of writing a whole post dedicated to this, but maybe I will when it's not in beta anymore.

- Last Sunday I fell in love with an Italian tenor named Pasquale Esposito. He was doing a concert at the theatre I work at! Originally I had planned to have the night off, but at the last minute I was called and asked to come work in the box office because they were short handed. Even then I hadn't really planned to stay for the whole show...I was going to finish my job in the box office and then go grab a burrito at the taqueria down the street (they're ridiculously good, and I was hungry). A buddy also working that night convinced me to stay and watch the show with her, and I'm so glad I did! So much fun. We met him afterwards and he was so charming, too <3

- I'm still incredibly heartbroken without any more of The X-Files to watch, but currently I'm rewatching The Gilmore Girls (#throwback), and Andrew and I just started watching Daredevil! We didn't really like Arrow so originally weren't planning on starting this one, but after countless recommendations we decided to give Daredevil a shot. So far we're only on episode two.

- In three days I'm seeing Mastodon and Clutch in concert! I'm really excited, but at the same time really nervous because I'm 100% not metal enough for this kind of thing. I bought the tickets for Andrew for his birthday last month. They're his two favorite bands, so he's super excited! I'm a fan of Clutch, but not so much Mastodon.

- I'm also really excited for Free Comic Book Day next month! If the concept is new to you (or even if it's not), I recommend watching this video by one of my favorite bloggers and Youtubers, Nerd Burger! I've never been able to go out for Free Comic Book Day before. I was always either working all day or not around for whatever reason, but I think I'll actually be able to participate this year! I really hope so, because there's a free Fight Club comic I'm hoping to pick up! If I'm brave enough I might even wear some of my Aquaman garb that day :)

Ta-dah! So now that my chit chatty quota has been filled, I'll leave it at that. How has your month been going? 

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