Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Another month come and gone! While March was a busy and fun month, there's nothing too crazy to report about it. My mom has told me before that "no news is good news," so let's just go with that.

Some March photos (you might notice a theme in a few of them...)

1. We had a printer error at the theatre, which printed out a tiny 2 inch tall program, Adorable. / 2. New Star Wars shirt! / 3. Book mail! / 4. More book mail! / 5. Badass Hamlet statue from an event I worked at. / 6. Excited to try a recipe from my new cookbook! 

So I've been doing a lot of reading lately, hahah. I'm not the fastest reader, but ever the book hoarder I'm pleased with my book collection growing! All the books pictured are new additions from March, so expect reviews on ALL OF THEM soon! Also the soot sprite I made earlier this month keeps finding his way into my photos, hahah. So anyway, here's what I'm currently up to!

Reading - Right now I'm working on Hollow City, by Ransom Riggs! It's the sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, which I also read this month and wrote about this week. In addition, I'm reading The Poser, by Jacob Rubin. I alternate my daily reading depending on my mood that day, hahah! For the last two "Currently" posts I wrote about struggling to finish Doomed, by Chuck Palahniuk. Well, I finally gave up and returned it to the library unfinished. Sorry, Chuck Palahniuk, maybe next time.

Watching - I strongly considered leaving this category out this month, because I'm STILL just watching The X-Files. I mean, there's a lot of it to get through! And it's not like that 6-episodes-a-season crap that seems to be the thing to do now; there's 20-something episodes a season! And there's two movies! Anyway, I just started season 9, the (*holds back tears*) final season. I hate to say so, but I'm kind of bummed out with it right now. I thought season 8 started pretty weak, but halfway through got super great and all was forgiven. I didn't like Agent Dogshit Doggett either, but he grew on me. Except now with season 9 sometimes it feels like I'm not even watching the same show. Obviously I'm still going to finish it, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed :(

Listening - This month I've been trying to familiarize myself with the music of Mastadon and Clutch.  Andrew's birthday was this month, and for his birthday I got us tickets to The Missing Link tour, which consists of both Mastodon and Clutch. They're literally Andrew's two favorite bands, so it's a dream come true tour for him. Personally I'm not a huge metal fan, so Mastodon isn't really my thing. Clutch is pretty fun, though! They have bits of blues and southern rock mixed in, so they're not quite so much angry yelling like a lot of metal music feels to me. Either way I wanted to get to know their music more before going to the concert next month, because concerts are always more fun when you actually know what you're listening to, hahah. It'll be an interesting experience!

Playing - My new big thing is playing Blizzard's new game currently in beta, Heroes of the Storm! It's a "multiplayer online battle arena game," and I'll try to explain it without sounding too dumb. Basically there's two teams, and each team wants to destroy the OTHER teams statue thingy that's in the back of their base. Along the way you have to fight through the enemy team and their gates that want to shoot you before going in and stuff. I guess it sounds really silly when I try to explain, but it's fun, I promise!

Working on - This month (and into next month) we're doing Nunsense at the theatre I work at! It's a fun little musical comedy about five nuns putting on a fundraiser. Basically the story goes like this: after an unfortunate cooking accident fifty-two of the nuns (The Little Sisters of Hoboken) die of botulism. Only nineteen of the nuns survived, and that was only because they were off playing bingo that night. After raising a lot of money from starting a greeting card company, they bury forty-eight of the dead nuns. Thinking they had plenty of money to spare, Reverend Mother buys a flat screen TV for the convent - resulting in not having enough money to bury the four remaining dead nuns, so in the meantime they're being stored in the freezer until they can earn the rest of the money. It's weird, but fun ;)

Loving - Right now I'm obsessed with the app, Poshmark! As always I'm kinda late to the party, but oh well. So far it's the easiest way I've found to sell your clothes and accessories online. You don't need to calculate shipping either, because they take care of everything for you! When you sell an item they e-mail you a free shipping label, and you just tape it on your box and drop it at the post office! Obviously the prices can be awesome too, and sometimes it's a little hard to stop myself from buying ALL THE THINGS! Are you on Poshmark? If you are, tell me your username or however else to find you so I can check out your closet! I love snooping around in other peoples things :P Here's my closet! It's kinda empty right now though, hahah. If you're NOT on Poshmark and want to try it out (which you should) download the app and sign up with my code, BWVNW, and you'll get $5 credit to shop with! Yippee!

So that's me! I hope everyone had an awesome month and have great plans for the following. Bring it on, April!

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