Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Night I Met Lemony Snicket

Daniel Handler, We are Pirates

Happy Monday! Last Tuesday I shared on Instagram that I'd went to a Daniel Handler (AKA Lemony Snicket) event and that he signed my book and that everything was super wonderful! It was such a great night. So today I felt like sharing more of that night with you :)

It all started few weeks ago, when my mom (fellow lover of books and author events) showed me her Copperfield's newsletter when she saw that one of my favorite authors, Daniel Handler, would be making an appearance in their Petaluma store! When I was younger, her, my older brother and I would read the A Series of Unfortunate Events books together. I don't think my brother cared for them too much, and eventually my mom found the books a bit too dark to enjoy finishing, so I ended up reading the rest of the series myself. No worries though; after attempting to join numerous book clubs, I think solo reading might just be more of my thing. Hahahah.

Daniel Handler, Robin Ekiss
With Daniel Handler and poet Robin Ekiss  :)

We weren't even sure if we'd be able to make it until two days before the event, because I wasn't sure what was going on with my work schedule. I finally learned I'd have the evening off so my mom and I made plans to be there! When Tuesday came I went straight to her house after getting out of work, we ate a quick dinner, then hit the road. Getting there took a little longer than we'd anticipated, and we were scared there wouldn't be any room left for us (there were no tickets, it was just a first come first serve thing). Thankfully luck was on our side, and we arrived three minutes before 7:00pm, and there were still seats left! Even better, we sat in the second row! That's when I knew the universe really wanted me to see Daniel Handler that night.

The event was mostly to talk about his new book, We are Pirates, which unfortunately I haven't read yet. I ordered it from the library and was hoping it'd arrive sooner, but what can you do. I was incredibly tempted to buy the book at Copperfield's that night, but I can't really afford $30 hardbacks right now so I was forced to control myself! We are Pirates sounds really fun, and is about a 14 year old girl who steals a boat with her new friends to cause some mayhem in the San Francisco Bay. I love reading books that take place locally, it makes it all feel more real to me :) When I finish the book I'll let you all know how it was!

Daniel Handler
From the event, photo courtesy of Ross E. Lockhart. You can see my moms head in middle of the second row! 

Because Daniel Handler started his writing career as a poet, he invited a different poet to join him at each of his events on the We are Pirates book tour. The Petaluma event featured poet Robin Ekiss, who I hadn't heard of until seeing her name on the event flyer, but she was very charming and I was glad to meet and learn more about her. She also went to college with Daniel Handler, so it was fun to hear about him from that perspective as well.

Please excuse poor nighttime outdoor lighting.

During the event he read a few passages from We are Pirates, answered some audience questions, and basically just told us funny stories about being an author. I've always found his books really funny (even when they're dark), and his humor translates just as well in real life as it does on paper. It was so much fun! Afterwards everyone lined up to get their books signed. Since I hadn't bought his new book, I decided to bring the 13th Series of Unfortunate Events book to have signed. I kind of wanted to bring the 1st book, but my copy wasn't in great condition, so I went with the last book instead, hahah. At first I was nervous that I might be judged for not having a new book signed, but he was so fun and nice when I walked up to his table. I had clearly worried over nothing!

Lemony Snicket autograph
He brought a special stamp to use just for signing A Series of Unfortunate Events books!

By the way, if you're curious about the face Mr. Handler is making in our amazing photo together, let me assure that I'm not that terrible of a person to meet. I learned awhile back that it's his thing, and I find it pretty entertaining. To prove my point, I made a lovely collage to share. These are all pictures of him taken with other fans at various signings/events/gatherings. I cropped out the other person though so I wouldn't seem like a creeper.

Daniel Handler Faces
Finding all the pictures and making this took maybe like, ten minutes. So yeah, it's a pretty common face.

So there you go! My mom and I ended our night by browsing the bookstore and grabbing hot chocolate from Starbucks on the way home. We were super impressed that the Starbucks in Petaluma is open until 10pm on weeknights, and 11pm on weekends?! That's like two hours later than all our Starbucks in town! Not fair. Anyway, let's chat. Do you love Daniel Handler books as much as I do? How about book signings? Finally, how late does the Starbucks in your town stay open?

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