Sunday, March 15, 2015

Read Play Blog - Multiplayer vs. Singleplayer Games

Read Play Blog
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Happy Monday! I feel like it's been so long since I've done a Read Play Blog post, but in reality I only skipped one month. I couldn't decide what to write about for that prompt. D'oh. Anyway! I'm back at it, and this month's topic is on singleplayer vs. multiplayer games!

As usual I couldn't decide on just one answer, because I really love both! It just depends on what game I'm playing. To be perfectly honest, I don't do a lot of multiplayer, simply because...I don't have many friends to play games with. Most of my friends don't play video games (which is why I'm always talking about playing games with my boyfriend or brother, hahah). Obviously there's MMO's and things, but there's something special about playing with your real friends. So yeah, I don't do much multiplayer. But! That doesn't mean I don't like them! It just means I play them less often.

My absolute favorite game series is Saints Row, but I've never played it with anyone else before (technically it's more of a singleplayer game, but there is a multiplayer mode). So since that's my jam maybe I'm team singleplayer. On the other hand, I'm also a huge fan of Dynasty Warriors, which I mostly played alone, but is SO MUCH MORE FUN on multiplayer!

Favorite singleplayer games:
- Saints Row (III and IV)
- South Park: The Stick of Truth
- Fable III (also has co-op, but I haven't really used it)
- Pokemon!

Favorite multiplayer games:
- Dynasty Warriors 7
- LEGO Batman
- Mario Kart (I hate playing Mario Kart alone!)
- Diablo III

Recommendation - South Park: The Stick of Truth

Thinking about it two seconds ago made me remember how awesome this game was, so that's my recommendation! After my first play through of the game over a year ago I wrote a post about it (you can see it by clicking right here), which gave a little insight on the game, but I mostly just shared my favorite screen shots I took while playing it (insert #SuchBlogger doge meme). If you're a fan of the show or of inappropriate humor I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME ENOUGH.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Underpants Gnomes

Currently Playing - World of Warcraft

Yeah, I know no one cares about me talking about WoW for the millionth time, so I'll just end the post here. Enjoy this screenshot of my Pandaren (I'm in the sidecar). Hahah.

World of Warcraft Pandaren

P.S. - Next month we're talking about our favorite gaming merchandise! See you then :)

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