Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DIY Soot Sprites!

What are soot sprites?

Soot Sprites (ススワタリ susuwatari, lit. travelling soot, soot sprites) are magically conjured creatures that work in the boiler room with Kamaji in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. They are also present in other prominent Studio Ghibli films, most notably My Neighbor Totoro. - Spirited Away Wiki

They look like this!

Soot Sprites gif

Awe, so cute. You can also see them as part of the Natalie Patalie site logo!

Earlier this week I decided I wanted to make some sprites of my own. I had some black yarn, I had some googly eyes, and I figured if I could learn how to make a pom pom ball then I'd be all set. Before looking up how to make pom pom balls, I though I'd check if someone else had already made a DIY for soot sprites somewhere.

And someone had! I used these DIY directions from Japan Lover Me. The directions are basically just how to make a pom pom and then gluing on eyes, so if you already know how to do that then you don't really need the directions, hahah. Either way it's a cute site worth visiting if you're into all that cutsey-kawaii stuff ;) Here's how mine turned out!

DIY Soot Sprites

My second attempt (on the left) turned out a lot better than my first. For that one I used maybe three times the amount of yarn in the directions. I think they're both pretty cute, though! I hid them in the picture, but they also each have a yarn loop attached so I can hang them somewhere! I'm just not sure where to hang them yet. Soot Sprites eat little star sprinkles, and I was tempted to make a big pile of origami lucky stars just for this picture. I eventually decided not to, because afterwards I wouldn't have anything to do with the stars and they'd probably end up in the trash :(

DIY Soot Sprites

As I was trying to brighten another picture I was going to use in this post, I accidentally turned it black and white and zoomed in. All of a sudden soot sprites seemed a little more intimidating! Hahah.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Ghibli movies? Spirited Away is my favorite one, but I think all of them are great!

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