Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Currently... (February in Review)

Now that we're almost three months into 2015 I guess I have to stop talking about it being a "new year" and all that. But geeze! It all just goes by so fast. February was a pretty interesting month for me. I hope yours was good too (or even better)! Here's what I've been up to.

Favorite February photos

1) At Ocean Beach with my better half. / 2) I got to meet Daniel Handler, and he signed my 13th Series of Unfortunate Events book! / 3) GIRL SCOUT COOKE SEASON! / 4) View from the lighting grid, gearing up to work the Carlos Reyes concert. My job is alright :) / 5) My sweet new Hello Kitty kicks.

Reading - Lately I've been between a few things (I said that last month too, so I guess it's just becoming a normal thing). I finished How to Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written (pretty good, and based on the TV show Archer). Last night I also finished Why We Broke Up, by Daniel Handler. I started and finished it in the same night, and have kinda mixed feelings about it. Right NOW I'm reading Adverbs, also by Daniel Handler, and am STILL trying to finish Doomed, by Chuck Palahniuk. Doomed isn't very big, but I'm having trouble sticking with it because I don't really like it.

Watching - Last month I wrote that I was currently watching The X-Files for the first time and was interested but overall pretty "meh" about it. This month I'm still watching The X-Files and totally obsessed with it. Still slowly working my way through, though. I just started season four. Another thing I watched this month was Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe and his American accent. Such a weird movie.

Listening - Something pretty exciting happened for me on the music front. In the beginning of last year someone punched my car window out and I thought my ipod had been stolen. Last week Andrew was cleaning our car and found a hidden pile of broken glass we hadn't cleaned up from the accident, and under it was...da da da ipod! I was so excited. I also feel stupid for thinking it was stolen now, but what can you do. Anyway, the ipod has a bunch of my musical sundtracks that I thought I'd lost, so I've been jamming out to those lately.

Playing - Nothing too interesting to report here. I'm still playing a lot of WoW and Don't Starve, hahah.

Loving - Right now I'm IN LOVE with the new Aquaman poster. LOVE. Speaking as one of those pretentious "I loved Aquaman BEFORE Jason Mamoa" type people, I'm way excited to see Aquamoa in a movie. I'm also way excited that everyone ELSE is excited to see Aquamoa in a movie, even if it's just because they saw a poster and think he's sexy. Because when I saw the poster my heart stopped and now we all finally have something Aquaman related we can agree on: Aquamoa is super sexy.

Confession: I love playing as a Pandaren. They're awesome. #Haters

So that's me :) I admit I've been a pretty crappy blogger lately. I do have a couple posts I'm currently working on, so I hope to have those out soon! How was your month?

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