Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wilson's Journal, Days 1 - 6

There has been a scientific discovery regarding a recently found journal by a scientist under the name of Wilson. We have published these journal entries for the betterment of scientific discovery, and a more wide range of understanding in this newly discovered world. Be advised the content of these journals is not completely intelligible. 

We have been able to recreate images based upon the crude drawings found within the journal, therefore these are simply renderings of the content provided. If you have any information on the current whereabouts of Wilson please contact the authorities immediately.

Day 1

It isn't easy being a scientist. Not because of the obvious scientific aspects of it, although that's true as well, but because of how others will try to use you. You don't have friends, not really; only people that exchange pleasantries with you until they no longer have use for you. I've been fooled into aiding Maxwell, and as my punishment he's left me here. Where "here" is I can't rightly say. Many of the surroundings are that of earth; there's grass, dirt, trees and water. On the other hand, this world is filled with creatures and fauna beyond my scientific (and albeit small) imagination. What a fool I've been.

Don't Starve Wilson Maxwell

It was already near dark when I woke, and as I was unfamiliar with this lands surroundings I decided to hold off on exploring and prepare for the night. I was fortunate enough to find some flint close by and started a fire to keep me from the darkness, as I have no intentions to let my guard down tonight. To keep myself occupied I picked some (seemingly safe) flowers to fashion myself a crown. It eases my nerves, somehow.

Don't Starve

Day 2

Today I ventured off into the land. I found a paved path, which led me to believe that there must be other people here, somewhere. As I followed the path I found a strange setup of what looked to be a giant spider egg. It was near a small shack, which appeared to be the home of what I can only describe as a pig man that was able to walk on two legs. Another spider came out from a tree, and seemed very displeased with the pig for being so close to her (?) egg. I wanted to help the pig man, but there was nothing I could have done.

Don't Starve

As I continued upon the path and dreamed of civilization, I was quickly disappointed to see that it didn't lead to humans at all, only more pig men. There were a few more of the shacks, same as the one I saw in the woods with the spider. Apprehensive at first, I tried to communicate. It was getting dark again and I wouldn't have time to get much further before total darkness hit, could I safely set up camp near this strange species? Thankfully, yes! The pig men even allowed me to stay in their small town, and eat the berries from their bushes close by. I am forever grateful for their kindness.

Don't Starve

Day 3

At the beginning of my journey, the road I had followed to the town of Pig Men forked in two directions. When I woke this morning I decided that since this direction didn't lead me to human civilization, I would go back and try the other direction. I followed the road for hours, never straying from the path, and yet it didn't look like the same road I walked before. Could the environment have changed so drastically in one nights time? As the sun started to fade, I encountered a strange circle made of various flowers that I've never seen before in any of my studies. In the middle laid a golden object. I was curious to learn more, but with the fading light I decided it'd be safer to further examine them tomorrow, and have made camp close by.

Don't Starve

Day 5

All is not well. I feel my sanity slowly dropping, and I'm no longer certain of what's real and what's simply made up out of my fears. Last night I heard noises around me in the darkness, and saw the shadows making shapes of creatures straight out of a nightmare. As I've been alone these days I chalked it up to my fears of this land, but now I'm wondering if it's more than that. Tonight I feel as if I'm being watched. I call out into the darkness and hear no reply, but every time I turn my head down to write, I'm certain I see their eyes watching me, waiting for me to sleep.

Don't Starve

I'm camped outside of yet another shack of one of the pig men, in the middle of nowhere. They all seem fairly kind, but on nights like these I do wish they'd invite me inside. Before he went inside I pointed towards where I saw the eyes in the darkness. I know they don't speak English, but I hoped for just a sign if it was something I should worry about, or something that was at least "normal." He shook his head and closed the door to his shack.

As for an update on the flower circle from the other day, aside from a strange odor it seemed like they would do no harm. In the middle of the circle laid a golden ring. It has no inscription or any other markings to indicate what it's from or who it belongs to, so I stashed it in my bag, should I need it later.

Day 6

I didn't sleep last night. When the sun rose I found a mysterious slab of meat laying on the ground. It wasn't too far, but was just far enough that whatever it came from wasn't illuminated by my fire last night. It was purpleish in color and questionable in smell. When the pig man came out from his hut he motioned towards it, as if asking permission to take it. I motioned it towards him, and he seemed very excited. He seems to have taken a liking to me, and has accompanied me on today's journey. I'm still following the path in hopes of civilization at the other end, but the cobblestones seem endless.

Don't Starve


P.S. These are all screenshots I took from my most recent game of Don't Starve, along with a story I just made up because I felt like it. Technically Don't Starve doesn't really have much of a story line, and the atmosphere for you to explore in is entirely different every time to start a new game. So basically - these shots and what happened to me isn't necessarily what will happen to you. At all. I mean your game might not even have pig men. Hahah.

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