Friday, January 9, 2015

If My Blog Was an Outfit

Today I made an account on Polyvore. In an attempt to figure out how it works I decided to follow suite of what all the cool bloggers were doing last year, and make an outfit collage depicting my blog. It turned out to be a little harder than I thought (both picking the right pieces and learning how to use Polyvore, hahah), but here's what I came up with!

1. Les Miserables Book Scarf - To represent the book-blogger side of Natalie Patalie (and my love of scarves at the moment), I found this infinity scarf with passages from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. It reminds me of Litograph shirts which I think are super awesome.

2. Steelport Saints Hoodie - To show my love of video games and my unconditional love of the Saints Row franchise, I picked this badass 3rd-Street-Saints-purple hoodie. I've been crazy over the Saints Row collection over on Insert Coin ever since they shared the early design sketches on their blog! So. Obsessed.

3. Pura Vida Bracelets - A little stack of Pura Vida Bracelets for my Buy for Good posts! I was going to pick an Unlock Hope necklace, until...

4. Chibi Aquaman Necklace - ...I found this cool guy! Because obviously I needed something Aquaman in the mix.

5. The Sprite Bag - How cute are these bags? If you look at the close up in the link you'll see they're covered in 8-bit swords, hearts, robots, flasks, and books. You know, the essentials. Even more important, they come with a cross-body strap and can fit everything you need inside! If these ever go on sale I don't know if I'll be able to resist getting the black one.

6. Black leggings - Um...because they're cozy and go with everything. Hahah.

7. Glasses - These are actually the same exact glasses I wear every day! They're my favorite pair of glasses I've ever had so I didn't even bother scouring the internet for something cooler. It's hard to see, but they're tortoiseshell patterned with a little tiny bow on each side :)

8. Blueberry & Pineapple Headband - ...and finally, to represent my love of DIY and my adventures in opening an Etsy shop with my mom last year, I picked one of our very own headbands! ;)

Pssst! I found the idea for this post from The Nerdy Girlie, but the original idea comes from A Dose of Paige :)

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