Saturday, January 31, 2015

For All Us Nerds That Couldn't Care Less About the Super Bowl

Happy Sunday! I just wanted to take a minute and share something I thought many of you would find useful - The Book-Lover's Guide to Covertly Reading During a Super Bowl Party, originally published on the Quirk Books blog last January. Although even if you can't manage to get some reading in, at least there's always good food and drinks. And usually lots of beer if you're having that rough of a time.

However if a snack-adium is present then yes, I would love to come to your party. (source)

The article covers some very important tips and tactics, such as...

3. Occasionally make noise: Just like reading in the middle of a forest known for higher-than-average Grizzly activity, sharp listening is the key to survival here. Keep your ears pricked for changes in ambient noise, and vocalize accordingly: groan, sigh, cheer, or laugh (commercials only). If your pages are particularly noisy, try to turn them at clinch moments.

If you're not a big reader (*cry*), the guide also still works if you want to, Pokemon on your DS. Or whatever other non-football related things you're into. Just don't sit on the couch texting other people the whole time, cuz that shit's rude.

As for what I'll be doing tomorrow? I'll start the day at work, and head over to my families house after. Andrew and my brothers aren't huge on football either, so we'll probably just chill and maybe play a couple tabletop games. Luckily my family aren't huge super bowl party people. Watching it is a big deal for my dad, but he always likes to watch it in the comfort of his own home. They still require awesome snacks though! I've been to we're so excited this is a huge deal super bowl parties before, and they're just not my thing...which is why I found the article funny, awesome, and super useful!

Now go forth, and pray you're not asked to stop at Wal-Mart for extra tortilla chips on the way over.

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