Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Fandom Friday - A Peek In My Closet (Favorite Fandom Clothes & Accessories)

5 Fandom Friday

Hi friends! Today's theme is all about our favorite fandom themed clothes and accessories that we already own. For a second I honestly thought that this would be the easiest Fandom Friday post EVER. I went into my bedroom, ready to take some pictures of my things like, "I have awesome nerdy accessories, this will be so fun!" Until I started pulling things out that I would photograph. I've grown quite a collection over the years and each piece makes me so happy! The terrible part was having to choose only five. Even though I did eventually choose five, I'm still not sure if these are the ones or not, because like I said it was hard to choose. Also, if you were following during my #Nerdvember posts, then you might already be familiar with some of these. Sooo here's what I came up with!

Lego Messenger Bag

1. One of my favorite things is my Lego messenger bag! I spent more than I care to admit on it during my last trip to Legoland a couple years ago. I use this bag 95% of the time and it receives many random comments from 10 yr old boys. It's a little worn down now, but I still love it. Last week someone actually asked me if it was "vintage." Nope, just old and ratty, sorry! The inside is lined with Lego brick print, too!

Stormtrooper Starry Night

2. The next piece is my new-ish tank top that my mom got me for Christmas! I love Star Wars and I LOVE Van Gogh paintings! I've noticed Starry Night became kind of a thing in pop culture right now (CoughDoctorWhoCough), but I'm ok with that because it just means I see the painting more often, and sometimes even with my other favorite things! When I was still homeschooled my mom used to teach us a LOT about art and we often went to art museums, so this is more than just a cool design for me :)

3. I love my Fullmetal Alchemist pins! FMA is my all time favorite anime. I remember watching it back before I convinced my parents to get DVR, and I had to make sure I was home every Saturday night to watch Fullmetal Alchemist at 10pm. I've been asked a few times where I got them, and I always feel like a jerk when I tell people that I found them at a yard sale! I was so excited when I saw these, and the seller told me he'd bought them on his last trip to Japan. He also had the little Alphonse plush shown in the background, which he threw in for free!  I picked up a Final Fantasy and a Ranma 1/2 pin at the same sale, was a sweet yard sale...

4. Next up is my Aquaman garb! I actually took this picture earlier in the month when I wore this to go do laundry, hahahah. The shirt is printed with scales and Aquaman's belt :) I sometimes wear the pieces separate, but when I'm feeling particularly dorky I'll wear them together. I originally bought these pieces for my Aquaman cosplay I wore on Halloween. Prior to that I had been wanting to make an Aquaman outfit for a long time, but I never did because I knew people would call it stupid (because "all he does is talk to fish"...not true, btw) and I was scared about how I'd look in the leggings (my legs aren't conventionally legging appropriate). Last year I finally decided to make the costume after seeing a video of Cazz from Nerd Burger wearing her Aquaman costume at Supernova Melbourne, and she looked incredibly awesome and happy! So glad I did. I was still nervous about the leggings, but I felt better about it throughout the night. This year I'm doing this crazy thing and wearing whatever I want even though I'm fat. So yeah. Slightly off topic, but this week I watched Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, and it was awesome! Yay, Aquaman!

5. Finally, I chose my Les Miserables charm bracelet. I bought this bracelet at the San Francisco Orpheum, when my mom and I went to see Les Miserables! We are both huge Les Mis fans, and since both of our birthdays are in July we decided to buy each other a ticket for our birthday gifts. It was an awesome night. Our trip home was a little sketch though, when the show got out a little later than we planned and we missed our BART train. There was a later train coming, but by then it was past 11pm. Waiting in a BART station late at night isn't the business. At least it makes a good memory, hahah.

So that's it for this week! If you want to see some of my past Fandom Friday posts, you can see them in my archive right here! Next Friday we'll be talking about Funko Pop figures, which I don't actually collect but love to look at :)

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