Sunday, January 11, 2015

Adventures in Apartment Therapy with Minted

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Lately I've been feeling not so great with how my apartment looks. (If you were following my moving adventures from last summer please note that I'm not unhappy with the apartment itself, I just wish I could make the inside look cooler, hahah!) None of the furniture matches, it's full of brown shag carpet, and the walls are bare aside from my outdated 2014 panda wall calender (too cute to take down) and the badass pineapple bunting my mom made me last year. I have some sweet geek posters, but I don't really want thumb tacked corners on my walls and well...I've been meaning to buy posters frames for ages. It kind of looks like two broke, young, twenty-somethings moved in and had no idea how to create an attractive apartment...because that's exactly what happened. It's a little overwhelming to think about.

Tim Gunn gif
Tim Gunn would be really disappointed :(

So ANYWAY, I thought a quick and easy way to start would be finding a nice framed piece or two for the walls. Very conveniently timed, I was introduced to the online shop Minted, where my search began. They have some really fun prints and (!!!) you can have them sent in frames and ready to hang. Every print also available in a nice variety of sizes, big and small. Since my apartment isn't huge I don't really want a giant piece taking up the entire wall, just big enough to make a statement. Here's a few of the pieces that stood out to me!

1) Bits (this one reminds me of the ocean!) 2) Landscape of Triangles and Dots
3) Field of Waves (I love the tiny boat and plane! Aaaahhh!)

Something that I really liked about Minted was that all their art pieces come from independent artists all over the world! They call it the design marketplace, where artists submit their work, people get to vote on the different pieces, and the winning designs are produced and sold on Minted, giving the designers a commission on every sale. You can read more about this process on their about page!

I also found a collection of watercolor astrology prints I really liked. The gold is foil stamped and I think they would look so pretty in the living room when the sun comes in! I was thinking of getting two to hang next to each other; one with my sign and one with Andrew's.

Minted Astrology Signs
Andrew's a Pisces and I'm a Leo, which is apparently one of the worst relationship combos but what can ya do.
1) Pisces
2) Leo

Aside from artwork, Minted's save the date cards, stationery, party decor and notebooks are gorgeous and can be personalized to be uniquely yours! They make beautiful cards and stationary, and as I was looking through them I imagined myself very classy and sophisticated at a desk, drinking tea and writing letters. Except I don't have a desk, and I don't often write letters. But either way, if simply looking at a set of stationary makes me day dream then you know there's something to them, right...?!


With all the different styles, designs and colors it's hard to pick a favorite. Someday when I have a house, I'll cover the walls with all the things I want, hahah! Until then, I think a nice print or two for my living room would be nice :)

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