Sunday, January 25, 2015

A New Job (A Story in Gifs)

I started a new job this week.

It was a tough decision. Obviously I didn't want to get a new job, but I wanted a different job to switch with the other job I didn't like, but also since I was pretty thrifty last year I kind of felt like I didn't even need to get a new job right away (this isn't true, but it is true that I tried to reason this with myself)...but that's never a smart choice, so a new job I got. To prepare, I went shopping to get a new pair of shoes and pants according to their dress code. I really like the shoes I bought and was excited that I got a pair of ballin' Reebok's for $25.00. As I shopped, the realization of my new job starting that week was setting in, and I was trying to get myself excited to try something new. It worked a little bit; I was getting excited to try something new, and extra dough is always a plus. I was feeling pretty good.

Parks and Rec Gif

Until the night before, when I was scheduled to go meet the manager for the first time the following morning. I tried going to sleep early, but instead I just laid in bed for awhile like

Spongebob Squarepants Crying Gif

Because what if they didn't like me?! What if it's the worst job ever?! What if my clothes look stupid and I stick out even MORE like a sore thumb (because the new person always sticks out, even when their clothes don't look stupid)?! These are all pretty stupid thoughts, but I overreact and start crying over most things, so it only made sense for me to do the same for this. Anyway, the next morning I got dressed in my new pants, my new shoes, and the only shirt I had of the appropriate color. I have a friend that works there and said I should dress ready to work just in case, since that happens occasionally. If you had asked me at the time, I would have said I looked pretty on point.

Snoop Dogg Gif

So I'm there, waiting to meet with the manager. My friend was already there and told me they were unusually busy for the morning. When the manager came to say hi I already felt a little more relieved, because she seemed really nice. We went back to her office and she asked me some general questions so she could add me into the system. She was super chill and I immediately liked her. Yay! We talked about scheduling, and how my schedule would be pretty consistent with the days and times, which isn't something I'm used to so I thought was pretty badass. She was also totally ok about my needing weekends off (I need them off because of the shows I work at the theatre). Things were going good.

Tim Gunn Gif

She also said since I wasn't in the system yet, I couldn't start training that day. Instead, she asked me to come back the next morning, and I said I would. She said to wear a shirt of appropriate color again, because she wouldn't have any of the company shirts to give me until next month. As I started leaving her office I gestured to what I was wearing and asked if I already had the right idea, and she said yes, except for the shoes. You know, the ones I had bought just for this. But it's ok, I'm not even mad because I needed a new pair of Reebok's anyway and I can wear them to the theatre. Another bummer was when I quickly realized that I didn't have any more shirts like that to wear the next day. So internally I was kinda like

Trapped in the Closet Oh Shit
P.S. If you're a Trapped in the Closet fan hit me up, because I don't have anyone to play this drinking game with me.

 When I went shopping for the pants and shoes I hadn't bothered to buy any new shirts, since my friend said they provide them. Now, I was already wearing the only shirt I had that was ok to wear until she ordered more company shirts. As soon as I got home I took the shirt off and hung it up so I could wear it again the next day. Luckily I'd only been wearing it for maybe an hour, so it seemed fine to wear again (I won't use the washer/dryer at my apartment complex, but that's another story).

And that's all I've got for now. Tomorrow (except not really because I have this post in a queue) I'll show up bright and early and see how everything goes. I'm still excited to be trying something new, but inside I'm still kinda like

Big Bang Theory Sheldon Gif

Happy Monday, everyone!

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