Friday, January 2, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: New Years Fandom Resolutions

We all fall a little behind on our fandom dedications...right? Right?! It can't be just me. I mean, yes, I want to read/watch/play ALL THE THINGS, but sometimes life just gets in the way, and before you know it you're an entire season behind on American Horror Story and everyone and their mom wants to talk about how great it is (true story, so no spoilers alright). Sooo here's what I'll be catching up on this year.

1. Read 50 books - I finished a book today, so technically I already have one down, hah! I also joined the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge so I can easily keep track. All it does is keep track of the books you read this year, but I thought it might feel satisfying to see the little meter go up every time I finish something, hahah.

2. Finish reading the Harry Potter books - I haven't read all of them yet! It's terrible, I know!!! Its been so long since I read Goblet of Fire, I think I'll probably just have to start from the first book again to refresh my memory. I want to make sure I haven't forgotten anything important!

3. Find more people to play tabletop games with - Right now I only play games with Andrew and my two brothers. We have a great time, don't get me wrong, but it'd be really fun to get some more people in the mix. Unfortunately we don't know anyone that either wants to play, has time to play, or is interested enough to learn how to play. Last year a gaming pop-up shop started hosting game days here in town, but so far I've had to miss all of them! I'm really hoping I can make it to one soon.

Come play Munchkin with us, we have good snacks!

4. Try watching some of those shows everyone's always talking about
 - Such as Sherlock, Grimm (maybe), S.H.I.E.L.D., Downton Abbey, Supernatural and others. I caught up on some shows last year too (hahah, 2014 is "last year" now) and it was pretty hit or miss. Dexter was good (except after season 4 when it was bad), Doctor Who was meh (I tried it TWICE), Once Upon a Time is alright, but not a favorite.

5. Get better at Hearthstone - I'm the worst. (*walks away with sad Charlie Brown music playing*)

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