Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Conventions I've been to and Wish to Attend

Happy Friday! I hope no one minds that I skipped last weeks Fandom Friday post :( The topic was things we love about winter, and honestly I am just HATING winter this year. I don't even know why, because most years I'm like, "%$#@ Summer, bring on the cold!" I don't know. Maybe I'm just turning into my mom. She hates the Winter, too.

ANYWAY, this weeks theme is Conventions I've Been to and Wish to Attend. I wasn't sure how I wanted to divide this up, so I decided to list two conventions I've been to and three that I'd love to attend someday. Let's go!

Conventions I've been to:

1. Anime Expo

I don't get to go to many conventions, but the biggest one I've been to is Anime Expo! It's an anime lovers paradise and I'd love to go again soon. So far I've gone twice, and each time came home with bags full of Fullmetal Alchemist merch that I didn't need but do not regret buying at all. The first year I went there was a CLAMP panel which was pretty badass. I also got to meet Kogo-Donbo, who wrote one of my favorite mangas, Pita-Ten! The second year I got to meet Shinichi Watanabe (genius behind the anime adaption of Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemy), and he signed my badge by drawing a doodle of me with an afro.

2. Bricks by the Bay

While I'm happy to talk about various anime conventions all day, I wanted to add some diversity to this list; so my #2 pick is a fun-sized LEGO convention called Bricks by the Bay! Like I said, it's a small convention, but if you're a LEGO fan it's a great way to spend your Saturday. Most of the vendors sold either their own handmade LEGO items (think custom minifigs, LEGO jewelry, things like that), or old hard to find LEGO sets. It was really cool! They also host a building competition, and the entries sit in the dealers hall all weekend so everyone can vote on a winner. An entry I remember the most was a MASSIVE group display of the March of the Ents scene from Lord of the Rings, standing at least 6 feet tall. Random fun fact - over a year later I was talking to an actor I was working with at the time; he mentioned he liked LEGOs so I told him about Bricks by the Bay - and it turned out he was on the team that built the Lord of the Rings display! Small world.

Conventions I Want to Attend:

3. Blizzcon

After spending a good chunk of 2014 playing Diablo III, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone (in that order), I really, REALLY want to go to Blizzcon! Last year Andrew and I had some extra credits and considered getting a virtual pass, but we decided not to. It's just not the same!

4. Book Expo America

Book Expo America (or BEA) is another one I've been dreaming to go to for awhile. All the best authors and publishers are always there, and walking through a giant exhibit hall full of books just sounds so nice. I wonder if the whole building smells like new books during BEA? Unfortunately I won't be finding out anytime soon, as I learned that this year BEA decided to stop allowing consumers in and keep it only for people working in the book industry (cries).

5. Comic-Con

This one's a no brainer. I'm pretty sure most people that aren't even in the geek community want to go to Comic-Con. However I also feel like Comic-Con would be a bit too hectic for me, and at some point during the weekend would end up crying while curled up in a ball at a Starbucks down the street or something (#SpecialSnowflake). Sigh.

So there you have it. Some runner ups for this post were Fanime, PAX, and Gen-Con. What are your favorite conventions?

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