Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Natalie Patalie's 2014 Blog Rewind

It's almost the new year! Are you ready?! I'm not, hahah. Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to do a little round up of some of my favorite posts I've written here throughout the year. I feel so grateful to be able to write here and share my thoughts and passions with all of you, and thanks to everyone Natalie Patalie has grown SO MUCH this year! I met a lot of great blogging friends and definitely know more about what the heck I'm doing than I did before.

Before getting started, I have to admit...some of my posts from earlier this year I don't like so much anymore. I'm going to highlight at least one post from every month this year anyway though, because they're things I published and I shouldn't be ashamed of that (even as I say that I'm not so sure)! It's also amusing to see how much better my more recent things are, hahah! So here we go :)

Star Wars: Science Meets Imagination
In which I learn that a jawa's height isn't that far off from my own.

January - In January I shared some pictures from the Star Wars: Science Meets Imagination exhibit we went to! You can check them out here! 

February -
This was kind of a slow month on the blog, but I did write about the wrap bracelet I made, which you can see here! I also went to see the LEGO Movie, which is still my favorite movie to come out in 2014!

T-shirt bracelets

March - I was really into crafting with t-shirts this month, and posted about some t-shirt bracelets I made! This was my first post to be featured on other blogs! You can find it right here. I also shared some screenshots in my mini review of South Park: The Stick of Truth! Awesome game.

April - This was the month that I started the 100 Happy Days challenge! Every week I posted a recap of the pictures I took. It was really fun! You can see my first week of pictures here.

My very first #100HappyDays photo.

May - May was a busy month! I moved to a new apartment and also participated in the online book conference, Armchair BEA, where I proceeded to blog about books every day that week. You can see my introduction post for that here, and click on the "Armchair BEA" tag if you'd like to see the rest!

June - In June I shared my Summer reading list (I read all but one of them), and on Friday the 13th I wrote about some of my favorite horror movies! You can check 'em out here and here.

Boudin Turtle
One of the things I wanted to do on my birthday was eat lunch at Boudin!

 July -
My birthday is in July! I turned (...silently counts in head...) 23 this year. I wrote about my special day and shared some pictures, which you can see here! I also wrote about tabletop games and shared the easiest DIY ever for a no-sew t-shirt headband!

August - In August I had a pretty cool time on social media. I also wrote my first Read Play Blog post, which is now something I look forward to writing every month!

September - This month I shared some of my geeky confessions, to some peoples dismay, which you can read about here :)

We made it in the paper, too!

- In October I had such a great time working on The Rocky Horror Show! I think a lot of us at the theatre can agree that it was both the most stressful AND fun experience we've had working there in a really long time. On closing night I took a lot of pictures and compiled a little a little photo-an-hour post so I could share with you guys what a night working backstage is like! This post also got me in trouble with a couple different link ups, hahah (but when I think about it I don't blame them, I should have been more mindful). You can see the post right here!

November - In the beginning of November I shared how I put together the Aquaman outfit I wore on Halloween (which I spent working at the theatre for a midnight showing of Rocky Horror). Even though it's really simple, I was really pleased with what I came up with and was so excited to wear it! I haven't worn it again since, but I'm always looking for an opportunity ;) Check out one of my favorite posts of the year here! November was also the month of Blueberry and Pineapple's first craft sale, and when I participated in #Nerdvember!

December - With the crazy weather we've been having in December, I was inspired to write about things I like to do on stormy nights, which I appropriately titled It Was a Dark and Stormy Night!

Phew. A whole year! Again, I'm so thankful for everyone that has stuck with me this year, and even everyone that just clicked over to my blog, went "meh," and closed the window. Without you I don't even know if I'd still be writing this right now. Sure, I'd still be writing something, somewhere, but it wouldn't be even nearly as fun, and it probably wouldn't be a public blog vulnerable to the masses. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading this blog and being my friend :)

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