Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: A Christmas List to Defy All Odds

Happy Friday! I've had to miss the last couple Fandom Friday's, but I'm finally back at it. This weeks theme is "Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me." Originally I had planned to just share the Christmas list I'd made for my family and Andrew (they still ask me to every year, I'm not being greedy, hahah!) but I decided instead to have a little more fun with it! If I could ask Santa to bring me anything I wanted, here's what it'd be.

1. Galagoogoo A Galagoogoo is a pinata you can collect in the video game Viva Pinata. Honestly, if I could have any of the pinatas as a pet in real life I'd be over the moon. Galagoogoo's are awesome, though. They have giant eyes that don't always close when they sleep, and they live in a tiny adorable secret laboratory in a sandbox.

Galagoogoo Viva Pinata

2. Clementine A guitar with the ability to rock so hard it can kill everyone around you. Clementine is Eddie's guitar in the game Brutal Legend. It starts off as a normal guitar, but when you're transported to a fantasy heavy metal world it turns into a weapon of destruction! It can electrocute and burn enemies, but more importantly you can play guitar solos that cast spells!

Brutal Legend Clementine

3. Invisibility Cloak Because obviously.

Harry Potter invisibility cloak

4. Gandalf's Staff Another self explanatory choice, I think.

Gandalf the Grey

5. Dubstep Gun "It's a party in a gun! Make the world dance to your beat and fear the power of your wubs!"  I hope you didn't think I'd make it through this whole post without listing an item from Saints Row, because you'd be incredibly wrong! The Dubstep Gun is without a doubt my favorite weapon in the series. It fires pulses of energy to the beat of dubstep tunes. You can change the look of the gun, which changes the song that plays when it fires, too. The people around you also start dancing when they hear it! Well, until they explode, anyway.

Dubstep Gun Saints Row

So there you have it. With these items I'm pretty sure I'd be set for world domination, but I guess we'll never know. What would be on your wishlist?


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  2. THIS IS AN AWESOME LIST - I love everything on it, I hope Santa brings them!

  3. Hahah this is a great list! Of course I want all those things! Dub step gun looks like the funniest thing ever :)

  4. That pinata reminds me of the lemurs from Penguins of Madagascar! LOL

    1. Hahah! I haven't seen that movie yet, but he does look kinda like a lemur!

  5. I love your take on this list. I think we *all* need a dubstep gun. lol!

  6. Invisibility cloak FTW! :D Imagine the mischief you could get into.


  7. Good lord I'd love a dubstep gun! And the invisibility cloak would be so great. The cure all for social anxiety haha!! :D Great list, love the take on it!

  8. Never heard of a dubstep gun, but now I want one! Lololol