Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Memories

Happy Monday! Our next topic for the 12 Days of Christmas is Holiday Memories! I thought I'd use this prompt to talk about some holiday traditions with my family and how we usually spend Christmas :) Since I usually spend Christmas with my own family, it's hard to say if we do anything that's considered "different," since it's just normal for us! Who's to say what makes a normal Christmas? That's my thought for the day, hahah.

Photo on the left doesn't really have anything to do with our holiday traditions, but it's festive and the only picture I have of Andrew dressed up (sigh).

My family does most of our Christmas-y things on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day! So here's a little run through of how our Christmas Eve goes...

Food - We eat a lot! Duh. Throughout the day we have sweets and finger foods on the table that we snack on all day. I always insist that my mom makes peanut butter fudge, which I always eat too much of and feel sick (worth it). This year I want to try and bring a batch of cake balls!

Hangin' out - This part isn't strict or planned out, really. Until about 6pm we just hang out while eating, playing games, maybe watching a Christmas show or movie, and doing some last minute present wrapping! Basically just enjoying each others company.

Church - In the evening we get all dressed up and go to church. My favorite part of our church's Christmas Eve service is when we all light candles and sing "Silent Night."

Presents - After church, we go home, my dad lights up the fireplace, and we open presents! I know most families do presents on Christmas morning, but this is how we've always done it. I always get nervous when people open the presents I've given them. What if they don't like it?! Aaaahhh. After we've all unwrapped everything, we kinda just hang out more until we're tired and we go to bed (or in my case I go home and THEN go to bed).

Christmas Day - More food! On Christmas Day we have a more formal(ish), sit down feast! Then we just hang out, having the itis and maybe playing around with some of our gifts. I have a pretty good idea what we'll be doing part of the time, but I can't say what it is because it's related to something I'm giving, heheh ;)

What are your families Holiday traditions?

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  1. We do the same thing with lots of food! We gather at my mums house, and she has pretty much every available surface filled with trays of food - yum! And I definitely get nervous when people open gifts I get - especially things I've made!

    1. YES about the handmade gifts, hahah! I know I make nice things, but you need to know the right person to give them to. Unfortunately some people just don't like that kind of stuff :(

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