Monday, November 3, 2014

October (Mostly) Happy Days

Happy November! I know this is what literally everyone is saying, but I seriously can't believe the year is almost over. I'm not ready! Aaaahhh. Like last month, I decided to do a little photo (and non photo) round-up of some things I did this month. Unfortunately I didn't take so many pictures this month, but it's alright. I can fill in the blanks with my own words :P

October 5

As I'm sure you already know, October was Breast Caner Awareness Month! For funsies I dug around and found my old "I Love Boobies" bracelet from the Keep A Breast Foundation. Remember these? When I first started college EVERYONE was ALWAYS wearing one (or two, or three). I was curious if these were still a thing you could get, and they are! You can also get things like bags, beanies, and all sorts of stuff. The bracelets come in a lot more colors and designs now, too!

October 6

October was a VERY busy month for the theatre! Right after we closed Bonnie and Clyde on the 6th, it was time to start working on The Rocky Horror Show! I was stage managing Bonnie and Clyde, but for Rocky I was assistant stage manager. It was nice to have a little sort-of break, hahah! These were both shows I had a great time working on.

 October 8

I got the cutest package from The Red Bow! Inside was an adorable Hello Kitty necklace. The package came as Andrew and I were walking out the door, and I made him wait while I took a picture of the wrapping so I could open it in the car! #BloggerProblems

October 9

I made Andrew and I some sleepytime tea in our matching LEGO mugs because I'm cheesy like that. Surprisingly, they did not come from the same location. Mine is from the LEGO store that I visited with my family at the Mall of America. When I came home from my journey, Andrew was so jealous and wanted one of his own (yes, I DID look for his name while I was there). A year or so later, Andrew, my family and I went to LEGOland, and they had one with his name! It was destiny.

October 10

My Aquaman leggings came in the mail! I love them so much. I ordered them from a shop on Etsy, and was worried they'd be too small as I've got a lot of junk in the trunk. Fortunately they fit PERFECTLY, though a little long (I have them hiked up in this picture, in reality they bunched around my ankles a bit more). However I'm only 5'1 so it's my fault, really. They are also a little more neon-y than I expected, but the more I look at them the more I love them!

October 16

I got a little side-eye as I was cleaning the living room, and found not one, not two, but TEN different lip products I thought I had lost in various locations...under couch cushions, under the coffee table, in Turtle's supply storage box (yeah, I don't know either).

October 17

I know I'm late to the loom-band craze but HOW CUTE IS THAT? My work buddy's daughter made it for me when she found out I love pandas. It's a little pencil topper, so its been following me around rehearsals. I kind of want to try making some, but my fingers are not so dexterous when it comes to tiny objects.

October 18

My library haul may have been few in books but made up for it it pages. A large print copy of The Goldfinch is NOT fun to carry around. I am very saddened to say that I had to return it before I was able to finish, but I do plan to get it again. Possibly for my Nook, instead.

October 28

I had a fun little trip down memory lane when this American Girl catalog came in the mail. I used to get these all the time as a kid (I was also subscribed to American Girl Magazine!), but its been forever and I have no idea how they got my new address? Hahah. Anyway, it was interesting to see how some things have changed DRASTICALLY, while some of it hasn't changed at all. I have a Molly doll, and I was sad to see that they no longer carry her :( Who was your favorite American Girl?

October 30

The day before Halloween I painted my nails orange to go with my Aquaman outfit! I've seen some really badass Aquaman nail art that I wish I could have imitated, but unfortunately I suck at that. The orange glitter polish is the BEST glitter polish I've used, and surprisingly it came from Hot Topic about four years ago. The NYC polish is alright. It's not particularly long lasting on its own, but in my experience adding a coat of Seche Vita saves even the worst polishes (except for that one time I thought getting E.L.F. polish was a good idea).

October 31

Halloweeeeeen! I spent my Halloween working at the theatre, but we had a pretty fun (though exhausting) time. At 8pm we had a showing of Rocky Horror, and another one at midnight! This was the first time we'd done a midnight showing for any of our shows, so it was an interesting experience for all of us. I'm lucky enough to work somewhere that lets me show up as Aquaman ;) I'll be sharing more about Aquaman in my next post!

How was your October? Tell me about some of the highlights of your month! 


  1. I see you let Andrew wear your Panda costume.


    1. I made him pay the dry cleaning fee upfront, just in case I needed it. Hahah.

  2. Looks like a great month! Last month when I was in Chicago I went to the American Girl store and it was quite a trip down memory lane!

  3. I think that when I clean the house i will find lots of lip balms as well. I love them and would carry them everywhere but I also lose lots of them =P #ww

  4. Love the orange nail polish