Friday, November 7, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better

Aaah, comfort foods. Yum. I feel a little weird writing about the terrible things I eat two Fridays in a row, but since that's this Friday's theme I'll do it. And because I love comfort foods. Many of my all-time favorite foods are commonly referred to as "comfort foods" anyway, so this list could also be called "Natalie's Favorite Foods Om Nom Nom." Let's get to it!

1. Macaroni and Cheese

It's hard to go wrong with macaroni and cheese. While I don't mind the kind in a box, my favorite way to make it is from scratch with a big 'ol brick of Velveeta (mmm, processed cheese). That's how my mom taught me to make it, and to this day it's one of the very few things I can make without ruining something. On Wednesday I was feeling bummed because I wanted to go to my moms house and couldn't because I had a bunch of other crap to do, so instead I made a giant pot of macaroni.

2. Pork Adobo

Alright, maybe this one isn't super well-known as a comfort food, BUT it's kind of like a stew, which is totally a comfort food. Anyway, adobo is a Filipino dish made with chicken or pork (I prefer pork, but both are good), with veggies and spices and things and is eaten over rice. There are about a million ways to make it. I don't have a picture because it looks kind of different depending on who's making it, and I couldn't find a picture that looked just like the adobo my dad makes, which is my favorite <3

3. Mashed Potatoes

I love potatoes in many forms (baked, fried, grilled...aahhh), but mashed potatoes are always a winner.

4. Garlic Bread


I LOVE GARLIC. So good. I don't even care if I get bad breathe (well sometimes I do, eating garlicy things is something you have to plan accordingly). Garlic bread is usually served as a side, but I could just nom on a loaf and be perfectly happy. If it has cheese that's a huge bonus.

5. Bacon

Vegetarians aside, I've never met anyone that didn't love bacon. Bacon is amazing! Particularly thick, crunchy bacon that just came off the stove. Perfection. My favorite way to eat bacon is with eggs and rice (I'm boring). I haven't gotten on the BACON ON EVERYTHING bandwagon, because I firmly believe that bacon doesn't belong in my cookies or any other dessert. That's just so weird to me.

Alrighty. What are your favorite comfort foods? Or just your favorite foods? Let's just talk about food, hahah.


  1. Mac 'n' cheese is number one in my heart forever. Mmmm, Velveeta~~~~

  2. Mmmm, mashed potatoes and stuffing sounds amazing right now!

  3. YES! for Mac n Cheese! And Adobo!!!
    So hungry now!

  4. Omg Yes to all! Especially mac and cheese and bacon! Yummy!

  5. So on board with mashed potatoes as comfort food.

  6. Oh wow, you are making me hungry :) yummy ..

    Thanks for sharing #Wednesdaybloghop