Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September (Mostly) Happy Days

Now that September's over with, I thought it'd be fun to share some photos from this month that didn't make it onto the blog. So basically it's one of my "Life Lately..." posts, but covers the whole month instead of a week. I don't know if I'll be doing those anymore...I clearly wasn't too great at doing them every week. Once a month is more manageable. #LazyBlogger

September 1

On the 1st I was playing tabletop games at my parents house with Andrew and my brothers. My younger brother, Jesse, made a score sheet and drew a Snorlax as my little team mascot. We jokingly call each other "Nati-METAL" and "Jesse-METAL" after we learned about the Japanese metal band, "BABYMETAL" (you have to capitalize it, it's important). The band consists of three teenage girls, who go by Su-METAL, Yui-METAL and Moa-METAL. The more ya know.

September 2

After-rehearsal-theatre-selfie. You can't see it, but I'm wearing an Underdog shirt because it was superhero day at rehearsal. Do I look tired? I felt tired. Being a stage manager is hard work. Are the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep or smudged eyeliner? I will leave that as a mystery.

September 4

On the 4th I bravely shared my canned soup obsession with the world. What I didn't mention on Instagram was that this wasn't even half of the cans I bought that day. All of them are gone now, obviously. The Campbell's Chunky brand is my favorite, but I only buy those ones when they're on sale, or at The Grocery Outlet.

September 5
Face Q, Totoro, Fullmetal Alchemist

I learned about the app Face Q, which is pretty fun. I'm wearing a Totoro hat and a state alchemist uniform, because WHY NOT. I wish my glasses looked a little more accurate, though.

September 13
Bojack Horseman

So I didn't really take many pictures between the 5th and 13th, but I did finish the first season of Bojack Horseman. I liked the first six episodes because I thought it was witty and I love a good callback joke, but then things got really dark, really fast and now I've watched all twelve and am left feeling sad about a cartoon horse voiced by Will Arnett. Awkward.

September 21

(I know I've explained it before, but I'll go ahead and explain it again for new readers) At the theatre I work at, we draw secret buddies once we start tech week for a performance, and then surprise our secret buddy each weekend the show runs (usually about three weekends). Right now we're two weekends in of Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical. Anyway, my awesome secret buddy gave me this sweet mug during the first weekend. I'm always a sucker for a cute mug. It also had a bag of sour gummy worms inside but I ate them already :p

September 23

On the 23rd I hit 100 likes on Facebook! I know this is a tiny milestone for some, but it's pretty cool to me! My Facebook account has about 5x LESS followers than all my other accounts, because I was stupid and only made it a few months ago.

September 24

I got a flu shot (yes, exciting). Getting shots seems to be a controversial topic lately, but I'm very pro-shot. We're all different though, and that's ok :) I usually get mine at my doctor's office, but I ended up getting it at Target this year as it just worked out easier that way. I had a friend with me and convinced her to get one too.

September 25

Getting a head start on some Christmas crafting! In November my mom and I will have a vendors table at a Christmas faire, and one of the things we'll be selling is Christmas ornaments. I can't wait to share more of them with you!

September 27

The people at the theatre take their parties very seriously. Open bar, photo booth, DJ, bla bla bla. As cool as it sounds, I usually only stay for an hour or so. Enough time to have a drink (or two), a bit of food, and to grab some photo booth victims. This party was after we already had two performances that day, so I was ready to get home.

September 28
Grumpy Cat

This day was slightly embarrassing, but I decided to have some fun with it. The cat lover I am, I accidentally went to the theatre wearing a Grumpy Cat shirt while also wearing a hoodie with cats printed all over it. Maybe I am a cat lady. Anyway, I found this Grumpy Cat plush in the tech booth that belongs to a fellow cat lover (and fellow stage manager), and decided to take it to the next level with a cat-on-cat-on-cat selfie. #winning

September 29
Panda Kigurumi

Last night, after the #FGBloggers Twitter chat (Female Geek Bloggers - I'm so glad I joined!) I felt inspired to throw my old panda kigurumi on. Well, what happened first was that Andrew refused to turn the AC off, so I was kind of freezing. Normally I'd thrown on a hoodie or my Hello Kitty robe, but I decided to be extra obnoxious and thrown this on instead. Hah! If you've ever considered buying a kigurumi, DO IT. It is the coziest thing I own. Most practical? Not really, but if you can find one at a good deal then what's the harm. Personally I've had the most luck finding deals on them when you're at an actual vendors table, rather than online. I picked this one up for $30 when it was originally $60, yay! Another time I was very tempted to buy a Godzilla one, when the nice girl offered to cut it down to $40. Oh, well. Maybe some other time.


  1. Oh my gosh that cat picture haha. I saw this on your Instagram too. You sound so like my aunt, she's a crazy cat lady!!

  2. Hahaha at the canned soup obsession. I'm that way except with canned tomatoes. Can never have too many. And Bojack Horseman was surprisingly dark, right?! My BF and I watched it and he looked like he was going to cry by the end.

  3. Congrats on 100 likes!