Monday, September 22, 2014

Summertime Blues

Earlier this month my mom and I went to a blues concert :) I love listening to blues music. Not the sad, drippy type, but the kind where you can laugh about how crappy life can be sometimes, and get in a little dancing while you're at it.

Dennis Jones Band

The main reason I wanted to go was because I knew that Dennis Jones Band (FYI music plays when you enter their site) was playing there. I first heard them last Summer during the same blues festival, because it was being held at the theatre I worked at and I was working in the box office that night. Originally I had planned to leave after I made sure everyone got their tickets, but once I heard them play I knew I had to stay.


Anyway, that same band was going to be at there, so I knew I had to go. Unfortunately, I'd already been working at the theatre from 9am til evening, and I had to be at work again the next morning at 6am, so I was already tired and knew I would be the next day, too. No matter! I had to be there.

Hi mom!

There was also free wine all night, courtesy of SledgeHammer. Mmmmhm. Generally I'm not really a wine drinker, but when it's free drinks all night it's just silly to say no ;)


  1. Loved Dennis Jones and love you!


  2. Great post! I'm usually not too into blues music, but it seems like you had a really great time :)

  3. Free win sounds like a win to me! And it looks like you had a great night with your mom!

  4. Must be nice!!!
    Have a great rest of the week