Friday, September 5, 2014

Earrings for Every Mood

I always love a good pair of fun stud earrings. Don't get me wrong, dangling earrings are cool too (oooh, elegant), but I hate feeling them moving around and brushing against my skin...(#SpecialSnowflake). So studs it is! Over the years I've collected a pretty fun selection of earrings. One of my favorite pairs just have a simple blue LEGO stud on them, and another pair has a golden wedge of cheese (people get a good laugh from those). I've said it a million times on this blog before, I don't like things that take themselves too seriously. Why should my jewelry be any different? Mix it up, have some fun, and let it express who you really are.

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to Savanna, who runs an Etsy shop called Sunshine and Curls. She makes and sells - you guessed it - earrings! What I love about her collection is that they're all really fun, and there's a pair for all sorts of interests and moods. Are you a Harry Potter or Doctor Who fan? Or maybe you recently read The Fault in Our Stars? She also has a few different pairs based on Tumblr memes!

Savanna was nice enough to send me a pair of her earrings, and I've been wearing them constantly ever since they arrived! I picked out her "Ugh" set. I thought they were the most fitting for my personality, hahah! While the word is often associated with something bad happening (and is part of my hourly daily vocabulary), I find it hilarious that these make it a little more lighthearted.

Another reason I like stud earrings so much is because they look best when you have your hair pulled up! Almost every day I leave the house with my hair down, because I like the way it looks down, but within an hour I end up pulling it into a ponytail or bun because long hair is annoying. Oops. So at least my little stud earrings always compliment that look ;)

Here's a couple more of my favorites from her shop. The burgers because, well...burgers are delicious (I also had one for dinner tonight, yum). You might need to click/enlarge the second pair to tell, but they're of Michael Scott, from The Office! Still one of my favorite shows.

Michael Scott

What kind of earrings do you wear? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to check out Sunshine and Curls on Etsy and Instagram, and tell her that Natalie says hi!


  1. So glad that you took the opportunity and love the earrings. I am literally obsessed with her store, but alas my earlobes aren't pierced. Those "ugh" earrings look like they would be an awesome pop to any wardrobe!

    1. I'm so glad you shared this opportunity with us! I think I'm going to buy another pair soon, hahah!

  2. Those ugh earrings are pretty creative! I usually wear studs, so I'm sure I'd like some of the other earrings in her shop!

  3. OMG love!! My ears aren't pierced, but maybe I just will for my birthday (Oct 26) & ask everyone for earrings as gifts ;)