Saturday, August 9, 2014

Take a Moment!

Happy Saturday! Do you have anything fun planned? I'll be working all day today, but I'm doing lights for The Who's Tommy, so I guess it's not that bad ;)

Anyway, I came here to say  that this week I was featured in the "Take a Moment" series on Hodge Podge Moments! If you like, you can check it out right here. She wrote lovely things about me, awe <3 Hodge Podge Moments is written by soon-to-be Californian, Pam! For quite some time we've been talking and getting to know each other through social media and our blogs, and soon we plan to do the same thing in person! It'll be great.

So check out the post, check out Pam's awesome blog, and have a great weekend!

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