Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Birthday in Little Square Photos

Hi friends!

Originally I had planned to write a different post today, buuuuttttt then I decided I didn't feel like it anymore. So, yeah. If I haven't shoved it in your face enough yet, yesterday was my birthday! So instead I decided to share how my day went; because I had a nice day and it requires much less typing than my previous post idea <3

For last few years I haven't wanted to do a whole lot for my birthdays. Most of my hobbies are all pretty low-key, hahah. This year I decided I just wanted to spend my day with a few of my favorite people, my favorite foods, and one of my favorite hobbies - tabletop games! Wooooo :)

He hates pictures, but every year I get to make him take a birthday picture with me ;)

In the afternoon, Andrew and I headed over to my families house. I was supposed to bring some brownie mix with me, which I chose in lieu of cake, but I forgot the box in my getting ready scurries. My mom and I ran to the store to grab some brownie mix and ice cream, and I'm glad we did, because I found a mix for this cookie brownie thing that was super delicious! Annnd of course I forgot to make any photo documentation of this...but I think the mix was this one.

After all that, I opened a few presents! Everyone in my family seems to hate having to wait for people to open the presents they get them, hahah. I'm like this too, and so is Andrew - he gave me my gift a month ago!

Hello Kitty's hat is pretty boss, too.

See that Nancy Drew book? My mom made it into a notebook! She's always doing such creative things. I was also given the book, What the Dickens, by Gregory Maguire. I've been wanting to read it for awhile! Both of the books came in a cute Hello Kitty bag, because she knows I can't resist anything with Hello Kitty!

I also got the board game, Settlers of Catan! I may have insisted hinted about getting this game, because I thought it'd be really fun to play on my birthday ;) I'd never played it before, but have always had my eye on it! Shortly after opening it, Andrew, my brothers and I went to go figure out exactly how to play it.

Settlers of Catan
My little blue settlements turned into a logging empire! Muahahaha.

I'm so glad I was finally able to play this game, we had so much fun! Everyone else liked it just as much, so now I'll be able to make them play it with me all the time, hahah! We played it two times yesterday; my brother won the first game, I won the second!

For dinner we went to Boudin. A good soup is one of my favorite types of food, and clam chowder (especially in a bread bowl) is one of my favorite things to eat out of almost anything. So good!

The obligatory pre-eating photo.

While we were there, Andrew bought me a little sourdough turtle! Isn't it adorable?! He has raisins for eyes! It's almost too cute to eat, buuuut once I get some brie on it I think I'll change my mind, heheh.

Boudin sourdough turtle

After dinner, we went back to the house to play another game of Settlers of Catan - this time I won ;) Later we ate my birthday brownies with ice cream over top. It was sickeningly sweet, but oh so good.

So that was my day :) I hope you didn't think it was too boring?! I had a great time, so I guess that's what matters the most, hahah. Saying I'm 23 feels weird. My friend called me last night, and made me realize that now I'm closer to being 25 than I am to being 20?! That feels even more weird! Eeeek.


  1. That sounds like a great birthday. I love that Nancy Drew notebook! I'm a little Nancy Drew obsessed. I also love Catan - you should try some of the other sets as well (e.g. Seafarers, etc.) - they are all different, but really fun! Happy belated birthday. Mine was today, but I did not get any Nancy Drew notebooks or Catan games in. :(

    1. I've seen the Seafarers set, I think it's on the top of my list for which ones to get! Thanks, and happy belated birthday to you, too!! :)

  2. That sure does sound like a nice chilled out birthday. Happy belated birthday... :-) and hey... 23 isn't that old!! #weekendbloghop

  3. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great day!

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