Tuesday, July 22, 2014

22 things I learned while I was 22

So tomorrow's my birthday! I don't have that "waaah I'm getting old!" feeling; it's more of a "wow, I'm turning 23 and I don't have my shit together," feeling. Whoops.

I thought it'd fun to talk about some of the things I've learned in my year of being 22, before that number is gone forever, and I get to spend a year being the same number as my date of birth. These aren't all big accomplishments, but if you've been reading here awhile then you know that I think it's always important to learn new things, no matter how big or small. So, with that...

22 Things I Learned While I Was 22

1 - Drink more water. It doesn't matter how recently you drank some. Drink more!

2 - What jury duty is like (it's the worst)

3 - How to make lumpia

4 - How to cook pancit. Are you trying to make more friends? Learn how to make pancit, and magically everyone wants to be your friend.

5 - Any nail polish more than $10 isn't worth it.

6 - However, a facial moisturizer more than $10 is definitely worth it. Take care of dat skin.

7 - How to actually count calories

8 - What to do when you have an ear infection in both your ears (hint: willing it away doesn't work).

9 - How to buy car tires.

10 - How to cook in a crock pot

11 - How to use paint.net (even if I only used it to make pictures of myself with Kanye West for a month)

12 - Not to shop in the Juniors section ever again. I mean, I mostly wasn't already, but I may have wandered in a few times. No more.

13 - How to open and run an Etsy shop

14 - How to make business cards for said Etsy shop

15 - How to pack up all your shit and move in seven days

16 - Last week I was researching the Boxer Rebellion (the real one, not the band).

17 - How to prevent bed bugs

18 - How to work in the theatre box office

20 - How to host a blog link-up (which I'm no longer doing, but I'm glad I learned how)

21 - How to do some basic HTML

22 - Just because something you want to learn doesn't seem "useful" or "important," doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it and expand your knowledge anyway ;)

I mean really, who else is going to care that I learned Chinese war history or some DIY I found on Pinterest? Hahah. But yeah. Doesn't matter! You do you.

Oh hey, my birthday's in five minutes! Next time you here from me maybe I'll be another year wiser, heheh.


  1. I also empathize with the bed bug thing. I thought I might have them a few months after I moved into my first apartment last year, and I was pissed 'cause I thought I might have to throw out all the furniture I bought. They only ever found the one that I caught though, so I too lucked out.

    Have a happy birthday!

    1. Thanks! Glad you didn't have to throw anything out, what a pain! Luckily I never found any. I was living in a very small apartment complex at the time, and found out the apartment above me and next to me both had them! So I freaked out a little, hahah.

  2. Happy Birthday! AHAHHAH I love your Not shop in the Juniors Section. I wish I could get a shirt that had that printed on it...

  3. LMAO.... some of these I can really relate to. I'm 33 and still don't know what the heck I'm doing some days... it's never ending.

  4. I love love that you posted what you learned. I wonder what I've learned the last year.... feels like nothing. Though I did take up archery!

    1. Hahah thanks! That's so cool that you're learning archery, I've always thought it looked really fun :)

  5. Oh what I wouldn't do to be 22 again! And 22 with the wisdom you have.