Thursday, July 3, 2014

100 Happy Days - Week (Unlucky) 13

I'm not particularly superstitious, but I found it a little crazy that on week 13 of the challenge, bad luck befell me. As you know, I've been doing the whole challenge on Instagram. And as we all know, to use Instagram, you need some sort of smart device. Well, here's what happened to mine.

Luckily it's not like I just bought it. It's a hand-me-down 3gs that Andrew didn't need anymore and was already buggy. But still, ugh. THEN, after telling a friend what happened, she offered to give me the Iphone she was currently using once she upgraded next month. I was really touched by the offer. Unfortunately, a few days after that, her phone was stolen! That's more bad luck on her part than mine, because now she doesn't have any phone. Bad luck is bad luck, and it sucks. Sigh. I thought about getting this one fixed, but like I said, it's old and was already having problems. I'm thinking it might not be worth it since I don't have the money to throw around.

ANYWAY, it surprisingly still works...barely. I can hardly see anything but I'm making due. I considered taking the pictures with my regular camera, even though they wouldn't be able to go on Instagram anymore. I also just thought about putting it on hold, but it'd be a shame to stop when I'm so close to finishing! And so, I prevailed. Some of the pictures are a little blurrier than usual, but I'm trying my best!

Day 86

Pizza! I'm pretty sure this is self explanatory.

Day 87

This was more of a funny coincidence, and those are always entertaining, aren't they? The day before this, all the theatre technicians at the college I work at got an email, saying they needed to have their fingerprints taken and proof of a negative TB test turned in by July 1st. Three of the people that received that email (me, Andrew, and our buddy Craig up there), are working the Peter Pan show at a different theatre, which left the three of us only ONE DAY to get it all taken care of, since you have to wait three days to get the results from a TB test. Because of the short day/time window, there was also only one place in town that we could get the test done and have the results in time - the free clinic. So early Friday morning, Andrew and I dragged our butts to the clinic. "I bet we'll see Craig here," I whispered. "Craig couldn't wake up this early even if he wanted to," Andrew whispered back. After we sat in the waiting room for thirty minutes, me reading a book, Andrew playing with my tablet, we heard someone saying hello, and there he was. I guess I won that bet ;) Later that day the three of us had to be back at the theatre for Peter Pan, and made jokes about the shots we got in our arms being homing devices.

Day 88
LEGO Star Wars

Last week I wrote about my secret buddy at the theatre bringing me Reese's and coffee, this week they left these two LEGO Star Wars flashlight keychains! I am so in love with them, my secret buddy is the best. I put Darth Vader on my theatre keys, because every technician needs a flashlight in their pocket! Later in the week (but not included in the #happydays), they left even MORE Reese's! I think they're trying to make me fatter, but I love them anyway.

Day 89

Awhiiiiiiiiile back, I bought this dress at Target for $5.00. I'd never worn it until now, and I really love it! Although I don't think my body has changed much since thing, it just didn't fit quite "right" before, I don't know. Anyway, that morning I decided to put it on, and I felt really nice. I wore it to Romeo and Juliet rehearsal, and then to the Peter Pan run later in the day, and everyone was complimenting my dress! I don't feed off of compliments or anything, but they don't hurt ;) I wanted to show the whole dress, but I don't have a full length mirror and I feel too awkward asking people to take my picture. "Hey, can you take a picture of me? I need to show this dress on my blog."  #BloggerProblems. Hahah.

Day 90

I think I worded it pretty well in the original caption, so I'll quote that here. "I'm so glad I gave American Horror Story another try. I hated the first season (didn't even finish it) but today I finished the second and it was so much better. Jessica Lange is amazing, and I've also developed an unexplainable attraction to Zachary Quinto. I'm not sure if I'm ok with that last part, though." Heheh.

Day 91

Writing my first program bio! I've worked on plenty of shows, but this was the first time I was asked to write a bio to be published in the show program. It's not a huge deal or anything, but it's a nice gesture that I appreciated. A lot of the time stage managers and technicians are left in the dark (that was also a techie joke but is still true no matter how you interpret it). This was the rough draft, which I was writing at Romeo and Juliet rehearsal. I'll show off the finalized one once the show opens and the programs are out!

Day 92
Twist Turban Headband

Yesterday I made one of these headbands to keep my little front hair wispies from going crazy, and then I was like, "wow - that was way too easy," and made a bunch more in different colors and patterns. Last year you'd never be able to get me to wear anything at all on my head, but this year I've really warmed up to the idea.

...and with that, I've made it through another week. What have you been up to this week? Let me know, and while you're at it tell me about your worst smartphone accident so we can commiserate together.


  1. OMG!!!!!! Love that headband! You should make them and sell them! Good luck on tehe bad luck! Throw some salt over your shoulder next time!

    1. Girl it was ridiculouly easy! I was thinking of doing a blog post about them because it made me excited, hahah!

  2. The worst smartphone accident I ever had was like a series of unfortunate smartphone events. First of all, my beloved HTC Desire Z started losing its battery life. Like I'd plug it in all night, the next morning it'd be fully charged and then I'd send ONE text or make ONE tweet and I'd be down to like, 9% battery! I was basically 9 months pregnant at the time & I don't have a landline so I was like... this is unacceptable, I NEED to be able to call my husband if I go into labour!

    I started using my husband's old hand-me-down Nexus 1 as a stopgap solution until I was eligible for an upgrade, and it was fine until I dropped it in the Ikea parking lot and the entire screen shattered into razor-sharp dust. I couldn't even make a call, I actually cut my finger touching the screen!

    After that I switched to another hand-me-down, I think it was a Samsung Galaxy? I actually REALLY liked this phone BUT (and this is idiotic) it had a terrible camera that made everyone look yellow and jaundiced to the point that none of my photo editing apps could fix. SO FRIVOLOUS.

    Also somewhere in this my husband tried to surprise me by buying some other kind of phone for me, but it hadn't been unlocked properly and wouldn't connect to my network. He even took it to a professional phone unlocker and the guy was just like ".... idk what is going on here, this thing is totally boned."

    Anyway, by this point I was finally, FINALLY close enough to be eligible for an upgrade that the early upgrade fee wasn't prohibitive, so I got my own new, non-hand-me-down phone, an HTC One. Which I loved until I realized it had a defective camera that wouldn't focus. GREAT. Luckily I was able to exchange it for another one which, as it turned out also has a defective camera, but slightly less defective so it's not intolerable? Oh and I also dropped it on the stairs outside my house and cracked the screen, oops.

    Maybe I shouldn't have smartphones, haha.

    1. Oh my goodness! You stories are like me with laptops...sigh. Hahahah. Electronics need to be more durable for people like us! Thanks for sharing! And good luck with your next phone!!!

  3. Sorry about your phone. Boooo!

    I love your LEGO Star Wars flashlight keychains - and I'm a little envious.

    The head band is ADORABLE! So awesome!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.