Sunday, July 13, 2014

100 Happy Days: The End (But Not Really)

Well, this is it! The photos enclosed in this post are the final eight out of a hundred happy photos. I'm so happy (heheh), I honestly didn't think I'd make it through! This post has more than one weeks worth of photos; I realized that the weeks seven photos stopped on Day 99! I didn't want to post the final photo all by itself, so yeah.

Doing this has made me so happy that I've decided to keep it going, sort of. Obviously it won't be "100 Happy Days" anymore, but I'm just going to make a point of posting something happy on most days. I'll be hashtagging on "#happydays" so feel free to join in! I'll probably still recap here, but that will be different too. It will probably be sort of like those "My Week in Instagrams" things you see around, and I might not post the photo from each day, only the ones I particularly like. Just because pizza makes me happy doesn't mean I should tell you about it every week.

Day 93

There has been lots of pretty skies around here lately!

Day 94

On July 4th, besides celebrating our independence, I also celebrated my friend Katie's 21st birthday! Her birthday is actually on the 5th, but on the 4th we spent some time swimming and eating sushi, and then around 11pm we went over to BJ's so she could order her first drink at midnight! There were two different pomegranate flavored drinks she wanted, so I ordered one and she ordered the other so we could share them both. I'd never been to BJ's before that night. We had another friend with us, Alyssa, who's under 21, and it was the only place around that wasn't a bar and open at midnight! When the waitress heard it was Katie's birthday, she brought out a cute mini pizooki with a candle in it. Katie's vegan, and couldn't eat it, but she appreciated the thought and let Alyssa and I eat it instead ;)

Day 95

Since we stayed out so late the night before, I planned to sleep over at Katie's house that night. For breakfast she had gotten us these amaaaazing vegan cinnamon rolls from a place called Cinnaholic! I honestly wasn't sure how they'd taste, being vegan and all, but they were seriously delicious. They tasted like Cinnabon, but with better toppings and without the stress of being in an airport. While these are the exact rolls that we ate for breakfast, the photo credit actually goes to Katie. I took my own picture, but hers just turned out so much nicer than mine so I asked if I could use it, hahah.

Day 96

This was taken on the closing night of Peter Pan, so you can be happy that after this I won't be talking about working on Peter Pan anymore. I met my secret buddy - it was one of the Lost Boys! I didn't really know him very well prior, but he was so sweet and showered me with gifts on closing night! Earlier in the day he revealed himself as my secret buddy and gave me this bundle of Pixie Stix with a cute note attached. That evening he gave me even more gifts (I should have waited to post my happy photo until then, but I didn't anticipate getting anything else!) which you can see in the photo I took here. Too cute :) That Peter Pan circle thing you see above was made by the woman playing Peter. It's a hockey puck!!! She loves hockey. It's covered in glitter, and on the other side says "Missouri Street Theatre 2014."

Day 97

Our Romeo and Juliet show postcards came in! :)

Day 98
Mario Kart

Found this little Mario Kart toy!'s the little things that count, right? It came in a Happy Meal, hahahah.

Day 99

This cute little handmade wallet from LAM Designs came in the mail! I won it in a giveaway on Kimberly's Chronicle :) I won a bunch of other goodies along with it (you can see them all in her post here), but this one was shipped directly from the maker and arrived first. I carry a lot of crap in my wallet and didn't think everything would fit, but it did!

Day 100

My view from backstage of Romeo and Juliet! Opening night wasn't until the next day, but this was an invited preview night, so it was our first audience! Everything went smoothly (well, smooth enough, as far as live theatre goes, hahah) and we had a great time. It was a fun and enthusiastic audience, which always makes both actors and techies happy!

...and with that, 100 Happy Days! Thanks for following along and not making fun of the silly things that make me happy, heheh :P


  1. This is awesome, Natalie! :D

  2. Congrats on finishing! Those vegan cinnamon rolls look tasty :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, they were amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

  3. Congrats on making it through all 100 days!

  4. That is so cool! Congrats on an amazing project!

  5. Congrats on finishing! I'm a little ashamed to say that I totally failed at the 100 happy days project. I started out on Instagram but couldn't take a picture a day so I switched to Twitter and by then I was just too uncommitted. I love the idea and I want to reattempt it, so hopefully it'll go better the second time around.

    I know another blogger Ashley, from The Wine Stain, decided to start a new series because she was sad for 100 Happy Days to end. She started #30DaysofCityLove for people to share pictures of their town. It started at the beginning of the month, but it might a great one to start.

    1. Don't be ashamed! I hardly finish anything, so I am pretty surprised I made it though. I think part of the reason I did was because I wanted to finish something for once, hahah!

      #30DaysofCityLove sounds like a great idea, I'm off to check that out now. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Those cinnamon rolls look delicious! A kid brought in vegan cookies for his birthday treat and I thought they were going to be nasty, but I was wrong. They were tasty as could be.
    That's awesome that you posted 100 things for the 100 Happy Days. You're very consistent! :)

    1. Thanks! Maybe I will try making vegan cookies. I don't plan on ever being vegan myself, but I find some of the recipes really interesting!
      I am not normally consistent at ALL - but I try! And maybe getting better at it? Hahah thanks for stopping by!

  7. Congrats on completing the 100 days!! That's awesome!!

  8. You are probably the first person I've seen to finish #100HappyDays! It sounds like fun. I'm glad to see this won't be the end of your happy days, I'm sure this challenge reminded you to look for happy things each day. Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings!

  9. Such a happy, fun post! Loved it!
    Happy Wordless Wednesday! :)