Tuesday, June 24, 2014

100 Happy Days - Week 12 (plus how to get your #100HappyDays book)

Twelve weeks in! I spent a lot of time working at the theatre this past week. The latest musical we're doing, Peter Pan, opened on Friday! So most of this weeks pictures (5/7 to be exact) were taken at the theatre or are about the theatre, hahah.

If you're new here and don't know what's going on, check out 
this post about the 100 Happy Days challenge! Basically, I'm taking a picture every single day of something that makes me happy, for 100 days straight. If you like, you can see my past weeks by clicking on the "100 Happy Days" button in the navigation bar above. You can also follow along daily on Instagram, you know, if you can handle hearing from me that often ;)

Last week I said I'd talk about how to get your 100 Happy Days book once you're finished with the challenge. I saw a lot of people were confused about it, so I just thought I'd help. I added it to the bottom of this post, so you can easily ignore it if you want, hahah!

Anyway, here's what made me happy this week!

Day 79
I took this picture at the theatre, on the third day of tech week. "Tech week" is the week before opening a show, where you rehearse it the entire week before it opens. Basically you have to spend a lot of time there. The truest statement ever said about theatre technicians is that we do a lot of "hurry up and wait." You're always either REALLY busy, or sitting around not doing anything for an hour. Because of this I find it important to have a fully stocked tech week bag. This may differ from person to person, but mine usually consists of a book or two, my tablet (or other portable internet device), a nice big water bottle, and some snacks. Depending on what show we're doing/what I'm doing for that show, I'll bring my Nintendo DS, too, heheh.

Day 80

On of my favorite things about my job is working with this guy...even if he doesn't like smiling for the camera :p

Day 81

A more recent tradition that has been going on at the theatre is having secret buddies. At the end of tech week we randomly draw a name (technicians and actors are all added together, so it could be anyone), and then throughout the run of the performances we secretly leave them gifts. My secret buddy clearly has their shit together more than I do, because they brought me gifts on opening night! Now I feel kind of bad that I didn't have time to get anything for mine during opening weekend, but we have two more weekends of shows left so I have plenty of time to make it up to them!

Day 82

...annnd another shot taken at the theatre. Like I mentioned in Day 79, it's always important to have a book with you. For this show I'm working with lights, so I spend the performances up in a catwalk above the audience. Being in precarious positions doesn't stop me from reading! As you can see, people were arriving and seating themselves at the time, but I still had about 30 minutes before the show started - plenty of time for one more chapter ;)

Day 83

Finally home, with a celebratory drink after our final opening weekend show. Here's to two more weekends! This is the last theatre photo for this week, I promise.

Day 84

Saints Row!!! I have a whole blog tag that's pretty much about how I love the Saints Row games. On Monday, Andrew surprised me by getting me the Saints Row IV Season Pass as a little early birthday present. I've been considering buying it for months now, but I've been trying really hard not to make frivolous purchases. The Season Pass contains most of the add-ons and other bonus downloadable content for the game, like new missions, weapons, outfits and all that. I mostly wanted it for the two new missions, How the Saints Saved Christmas, and Enter the Dominatrix. Hehe.

Day 85

Everything is awesome! "Man, I feel so great right now! I could sing this song for hours!" Hahah. Last week Andrew got The Lego Movie for us, and this morning we finally had time to sit down and watch it over breakfast! I've been wanting to watch it again ever since we saw it in the theater back in February. I love it so much!

Alright, so now about the Happy Days books. I've talked to a few people that were unsure about it, and since I'm almost at the end of my challenge I decided to look into it. It seems like the most common misconception is that you will automatically get a book for free once you've finished. Unfortunately, this isn't true. Instead, you can buy a book, with the proceeds going towards to the 100happydays Foundation. The proceeds will be distributed as follows: 33% INVESTED in bringing happiness across the world, 33% DONATED to a project of your choice, and 33% COSTS of materials and running costs. While free is always nice, it's always great to donate to a good cause! There are three different types of books to choose from, ranging from $15 - $35. Before ordering, you will need to upload each picture that you took and make sure they're in the correct order. As far as I can tell, you can't keep your captions from your pictures. Aside from books, you can also order a set of 24 prints or a set of 20 postcards. You can check it all out at their foundation page, linked above.

So yeah! That's how you get your book. I don't plan to order one right away. I'd love to have one eventually, but as I mentioned earlier, I'm trying not to spend much on things I don't NEED. I'm also curious to see if they'll offer a hardback one in the future, which I think would be really nice!


  1. It sounds like you have a very fun and exciting job! That is really neat! Thanks for linking up at our blog hop. Have a great day!

  2. I plan to see The Lego Movie next week at $ days at the theatre. Then Tin Tin the next week.
    I hope you don't drop your book on someone's head from the rafters like when your brother drooped his ipod. Haha

    1. I read about the $1 days yesterday and was going to tell you they were starting. Glad you already knew since I obviously forgot to tell you lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! It's so fun. I love getting gifts for people hahah :D

  4. What book did you read while doing the light for the show? I'm applaud multitasking, you are quite good at it. If I recall correcting you were joining into a twitter party one of the nights you were doing lights for peter pan.

    I was not aware of that fact about the 100 happy days book. Thanks for sharing that information, see as I am nearing the end of my 100 happy days I was wondering the same thing.

    1. LOL yes that was me at the Twitter party while doing lights!!! I wasn't able to participate as much as I'd have liked, but better than nothing, right? That was taking multitasking a bit far, even for me! The host is a good bloggy friend of mine, so I just wanted to pop in real quick to show support :)

      I was/still am reading "The Songs of Willow Frost," by Jamie Ford. I really like it! I read a lot of historical fiction, so it's right up my alley.

      Glad I was able to help! When I first started the challenge there was literally no information on the books, other than that we could get one. They're a little more expensive than I was hoping, but I still love the idea of having one to remember the challenge by!

  5. I keep seeing this challenge on Instagram. I need to try it!!

  6. hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Hi! I stumbled onto your blog from the Link up! I absolutely love the 100 happy days idea. Such a great way to document what's going on. Fantastic!