Saturday, May 3, 2014

Taking Stock + I'm Moving!

Before getting started I'd like to say I first saw this post idea from the blog Mish Lovin' Life, who got it from someone else, and so on and so forth, and it is originally from the blog Meet Me at Mike's :)

Making : my morning coffee!

Cooking : nothing, unless you want to count the coffee brewing?
Drinking : water from my Contigo bottle.
Reading: the Night Circus.
Wanting: all my packing to be finished.
Looking: for more boxes to bring home.
Playing: Diablo III, now that Jesse finally got it too!
Wasting: time that should be spent packing. 
Sewing: nothing >_>
Wishing: things were easier! But that's life, right? Hahah.
Enjoying: this slow morning before work.
Waiting: for a certain e-mail.
Liking: knowing I'll be out of this apartment soon!
Wondering: how I'll be getting home from work today.
Loving: the fact I have such an amazing family and some pretty ballin' friends.
Hoping: I get everything done with the quickness.
Marvelling: at how HOT IT IS in May.
Needing: more boxes!!! Sigh.
Smelling: the coffee brewing. Soon I'll also smell the hazelnut creamer.
Wearing: Star Wars t-shirt and Andrew's pajama pants. I can't find mine because I didn't fold the laundry yet, heheh.
Following: Kanye's Workout Plan.

Kanye's Workout Plan
Sorry, I had to.
Noticing: I got a mosquito bite on my ANKLE last night :( Ankles and elbows are my least favorite spots to get bites!
Knowing: everything will work out, whether it feels like it or not ;)
Thinking: I should call Kaiser again.
Feeling: much better, now that my coffee mug is filled.
Bookmarking: new DIY stuff, all day every day!
Opening: boxes at work? Well right I'm not, but I will be come 10am.
Giggling: at the narration in "Thomas Was Alone." It sounds like Tim Curry!
Feeling: Frantic!

So there we go. If you couldn't tell by a few of my answers, or you didn't see my happy moment on Instagram yesterday, I'm moving! We're not going far, it's just another apartment in town, but it's so much nicer than where we are now. Our current home served us well for the past two years, but with the unsavory neighbors, the bedbugs (thankfully I STILL have not seen any in mine, and should clarify the people with the bedbugs are actually quite nice), and hundreds of other things...really I could go on about this forever, but I'll spare's time for us to go. The crazy part? It was only finalized two days ago, and now we have to be out in less than 2 weeks! So yes, I'm a little stressed. Either way, I know things will work out, and I'm so grateful for the people who helped make this possible (they know who they are)!

If I'm a little absent on the blog, you know why! I apologize in advance and do hope you'll bear with me in the meantime :)


  1. Whoo great post :) Sorry to hear about the bite, hope its not to bad? When I get them they swell so bad :(

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop..

    Good luck with the move, exciting time ...

    1. Mine only swell up when I can't control myself from scratching, which is about half the time, hahah!

      and no problem, thanks for hosting! :)

  2. I read mosquito bite and bed bugs -- and just got grossed out. Ha. Well, YAY, you are moving. I am in the process of finding a new place. It's not fun.

    1. Hahah! Well I'd rather live with the mosquito bite I do have than even LOOK at a bedbug, and since I haven't seen one yet I'm not complaining too much!

      I feel you! Finding a place was hard. I was calling different places every day, and BLEH. No fun. Good luck!

  3. Great post. Good Luck on the move :)

    1. Thanks! We have two days left, crunch time!!

  4. Hope your move goes well! I've seen these taking stock posts around blogland and they are fun!

  5. Yay for moving! I always enjoy a new place, even more so if it would mean getting away from bed bugs -now I feel itchy all over from thinking about bed bugs. . .

  6. How exciting! Moving is quite a process but if you're going to a nicer apartment I'm sure the results will be well worth it!

    1. I'm currently surrounded by boxes, but it's definitely worth it! :)