Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just taking a minute to share...

Hey friends! No long post today. I just wanted to share something I'm really excited about that's happening on Xbox Live right now!

I'm a HUGE fan of the Saints Row series (heads up, you have to input your birthday to enter the site). I've wrote and/or mentioned it here quite a few times already! Check it, that's four times, hahah! It's fun, wacky, and not like anything else I've ever played.


Anyway, until the 31st you can get Saints Row: the Third for free on Xbox Live if you're an Xbox Live Gold member! There are four Saints Row games out right now, but the third is my favorite! I played the Saints Row games on PC, my favorite platform when there's shooting involved, but I'm still going to grab this! It kinda happened at a perfect time for me. Andrew has a Xbox Live membership that he got for free awhile back, but it ends next month and we won't be renewing. I'm happy I'll get to pick this up first, hah!

Saints Row, the Third

I really like writing about video games, but I don't feel like many of my readers are actually into games, hahah! Oh well, write about what you love, right? Either way, it's a great deal and since I've brought it up so many times I thought I'd share ;) 


  1. Is it The Third where you play one part in some virtual reality space as a toilet? Because if it is, I've also enjoyed the hell out of it. (Watching. PLAYING GTA-style sandboxes with shooter elements aren't my strong suit; I can't aim for crap.)

    1. No, that's in 4! Hehe. That one is really fun, too! Although in 3 there's an upgrade you can get towards the end that will let you play the entire game as a toilet!

      Shooters usually aren't my thing either, and I didn't bother playing them at ALL until I started gaming on my PC more, because aiming on an Xbox is almost impossible for me, hahah.

  2. I'll have to mention this to my boyfriend... he's a huge gamer, but I haven't heard him talk about this one yet!

    1. My boyfriend also loves these games! I'd bet that yours will, too :)