Saturday, May 31, 2014

Armchair BEA: Wrapping it Up

So I know I said my last post was the final BEA post, but now it's time to wrap things up! Before saying anything else, I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone that help put this together! It couldn't have been easy, and I can only imagine myself pulling out my hair if I had tried it myself.

I've been blogging here at Natalie Patalie for a little over a year, I think. Since then, I'd been looking all over the place to find other bloggers that really get me. I joined a few networks and groups, and I kind of did. I met some really great women that were nice, helpful, and didn't find my blog too annoying (always a bonus). But still, they didn't really get me. Most of them were older than me, or mothers (nothing wrong with that, but I can't relate), or just didn't have any of the same interests as me. Armchair BEA has been the first time I've done something with my blog that made me REALLY excited, and the first place where I felt like my blog actually belonged there! People were reading my posts, and they actually had something to say about it other than "That's so nice!" Not that there's anything wrong with those comments (I appreciate every single comment I get!), but it's cool to see people reading my stuff and have their own opinion on it. Not everyone agreed with what I had to say (particularly with my YA post), but that's even better! What's there to talk about if we all have the same opinion? So it should go without saying that I met some really great bloggers this week.

Ok, got a little too emotional there. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, another cool thing about BEA is that it got me to blog SIX times since Monday! I've never blogged that much! I mentioned recently that I wanted to start making myself write more often, and that definitely happened this week. Will I continue writing this often? Probably not. But now I know that I CAN.

This was my first year participating, and at first  I just thought it'd be a fun little thing to do. I couldn't go to the real one, and realistically, I won't be going for a really long time. I kind of think I had more fun doing this, though? I don't know, obviously I can't say for sure as I've never been there. I can be really shy sometimes, so I'm not the best at approaching people and making new friends in real life. I feel like I met more great people while sitting here with my laptop, talking to you guys, than I would have at the expo in New York! Does that make me lame? Hahah.

Anyway, enough feelings!

I thought I'd collect all my BEA posts and things I did here for easy access, for those of you that want to check them out. The first link in each day will be the blog post I wrote, the second will be the photo I took for the daily Instagram challenge. Each had their own theme for the day, and I participated in most of both, hahah. There were so many things going on this week, I definitely plan on going back and reading more of everyone else's posts!

Day 1Introductions / #MyArmchair My introduction post was one of the Daily Topic winners!

Day 2
 - More than Just Words / #Shelfie My picture won the Instagram challenge that day! I was feeling like a lucky girl this week, hahah!

Day 3Short Stories / #CurrentBookmark

Day 4 - I didn't post on this day, but the daily topic was to host a giveaway, and I entered a whole bunch!

Day 5Middle Grade/Young Adult

Day 6 - Wrapping it Up (you're already here!) / #WhereIArmchairFrom

So I guess that's it, huh? I'm pretty sad to see it all end, but it was a really good week. I can't wait to do it all again next year! Now I'm off to go read before bed. This week has inspired me to read more than ever!

...and since it feels weird to post something without any pictures, here's a gif of a cat getting cozy on some books.
Thanks, Tumblr.



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Armchair BEA, Natalie, and I'm glad it gave you all these feels! *giggles* I totally get it, I got them too. ;-) I think it's the first time I'm visiting your blog this week, though I've seen your octopus/jellyfish shelfie on Instagram. I hope I'll see you around after this week. =)

    1. Hahah, thanks! I remember your shelf picture too, I think we won on the same day! I've been following lots of blogs from BEA this week (including yours, yay!), so I'm sure you'll see me around :)

  2. I've had so much fun visiting all the blogs on Armchair BEA. This is my first year and I've had such a good time that I plan to come back next time. I've added a ton of books to my TBR list as well as added a lot of book friends on twitter, goodreads, and bloglovin. Thank you so much for participating and making it a great first year for me.

    1. I feel the same way - and my TBR list has gotten miles long after this week! Can't wait to do it all again next year :)

  3. Enjoyed reading your post. It can be hard sometimes finding others who "get" us. Sometimes all we need is a little push, like the kind Armchair BEA provides, to get us to produce more writing than we ever thought possible. This has been my third year with Armchair BEA and it continues to get better and better. (Love the little cat at the end.) Have fun. Keep blogging.

    1. Thank you! And three years? Wow! I had found out about it last year, RIGHT after it had ended. Great to hear that its been evolving over time.

  4. I get you Natalie Patalie!

    Cindy in FF

  5. This is so great :) community is one of my main reasons for returning to blogging! I'm so happy for you that you felt like you found a group that totally got you! I'm still looking for mine ^^

    1. Thanks :) I have faith that you'll find them!