Monday, April 21, 2014

Look Who Got a Liebster Award!



So this is pretty fun! Honestly, I didn't really know what this was until now. I'd seen people with the Liebster buttons on their sidebars, but that's about it. Basically it's something you receive and then pass on to other bloggers you love! The only requirement is that the recipient must have less than 300 followers, so we can share some lovin' for all the smaller blogs out there, and all their amazing work! Fun, right?

This Liebster Award was given to me by the amazing Kanettra, who blogs over at [A Brand New Me.] She's really fun and sweet, and POSSIBLY loves Netflix even more than I do. She's also a wellness coach, and studying to become a personal trainer. If we lived closer I might have forced her to become my workout buddy. So yeah, she's awesome. How about you go visit her and say hi?

First, I'll copy/paste the rules, so we're all on the same page.

Nominee posts award on their blog. 
- Nominee links back to the nominator’s blog and of course thanks them.
- Nominee answers 11 questions nominator ask of them.

- Nominee then nominates 11 new bloggers they deem worthy with about 300 followers   or less. Make sure to let them know.

- Nominee poses 11 questions for their nominees to answer.

Now, here are the questions Kanetta asked me! I've said time and time again that I can't make decisions, but I'll do my best, hahah.
1) What is your favorite Television Series?
My favorite TV series is
The Office. I didn't watch it until maybe two years ago, but since then I've watched through the whole thing three times. I love everyone at Dunder Mifflin more than I should!

2) What is your Favorite Topic to blog on?

Really, I think it's just whatever I'm into that week! I mean, my general interests are always the same, but for example I'll go through a month where I'm
really into DIY more than usual, and I'll make bracelets all month long, or something like that. When I first started this blog I thought maybe I would make it solely about books, but you can see how that turned out. I still write about books sometimes, but not just books. I could never regularly update a blog that had just one theme!

3) If you could be any animal , which would you be and Why?

A Jellyfish! Jellyfish are one of my favorite things - not just out of animals - out of EVERYTHING! They're so pretty and unique, and they get to float around being chill and eating all day. Of course, they don't have brains, but maybe life would be easier without one? That is only half sarcasm.

4) What is your favorite Season?

Spring! Spring is my favorite because it's warm enough to not wear pants (hate pants), but cool enough that I can if I need to, without getting too hot. But once it starts getting too close to Summer it's not so great anymore. I HATE being hot, so Summer is my least favorite, hahah. Is it bad that my favorite and least favorite seasons revolve around not wanting to wear pants?

5) Why did you start blogging?
I blog because I like yammering on about things that most people don't want to listen to me talk about all the time. Slightly embarrassing, but true. Hahah!

6) If you could have 3 wishes, What would they be?
Ugh, I hate it when people ask me this. Too hard ._. I'm cheating and skipping this question!

7) What is your favorite color?
AAAAGH. I honestly don't have a favorite color. Not one, anyway. I like different colors for different things. I'm often drawn towards purple, blue and red, though. I love orange, but I don't like wearing it. Same goes for anything pastel OR neon. See? I'm insufferable.

8) If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
I would go to Alaska, and watch the Northern Lights!

9) What makes you Happiest?
My favorite people and good food. Preferably at the same time!

10) What is your favorite Recipe?
That I make? Cooking isn't really my thing, but I got a recipe from my aunt for tater tot hotdish that I LOVE. I don't make it often because it takes awhile (it doesn't really take that long, but it does compared to a frozen pizza).
11) What is your favorite Movie?
Bad Boys II annnd Beauty and the Beast ;)

Phew. Ok, now here's the questions I'd like to ask the new recipients!

1. How would you describe your blog in 3 words?
2. What's the first thing you'd do if you won 1 million dollars?
3. What's the best advice someone gave you?
4. Describe what would happen on a perfect day for you (being realistic here!)
5. What's something you're really passionate about, other than blogging?
6. If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be?
7. Who in your life has personally influenced you the most?
8. Where would your super secret home base be located? (Top of a mountain? Bottom of the       ocean? Go Crazy!)
10. What stereotypically nasty food do you secretly (or not so secretly) love?
11. What's your biggest talent?

and finally, here's who I'm passing this on to! All wonderful, all talented, and all deserving! Of course, you don't have to accept this! You can totally ignore this, that's cool too, hahah.

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