Saturday, March 22, 2014

I finished Dexter and I have all these FEELINGS

I finally finished watching Dexter last week.

I've been thinking about it, hoping it would start to make more sense. Now I'm done thinking about it and am still at the same conclusion I was before - that was the WORST ending I've seen in my ENTIRE life. Coming from someone that watched all six seasons of LOST.

I can't even get over how bad it was. I can't even say I'm "SO DONE!!!" because I already finished it all.

alan rickman

So yeah. There are a few questions I need answered.

[Spoilers from here on]

Why didn't Dexter wait until Saxon was dead before he left?

Why does Hannah go back to the airport without a disguise?

Why didn't Hannah ever wear a disguise?

Why was Hannah even in this season? She is the absolute worst.

How did no one notice Dexter STABBING SAXON WITH A PEN.

WHY DID DEXTER SNEAKILY TAKE DEB OFF LIFE SUPPORT? She was on it for like ten whole minutes.

And don't get me started about how he STOLE HER BODY. Hey Dex, unlike you, she has friends. Maybe she wanted a funeral?

Even worse, why did he then go on to THROW HER BODY INTO THE OCEAN?

So then he sails off into that weird hurricane, and you're like, "Oh no, he's killing himself!" But NO he didn't. Because instead he decides leave his only son to spend the rest of his life with a MURDERER (aka Hannah).

What if Hannah doesn't WANT to spend the rest of her like watching your punk-ass kid, Dexter?

And as we close, the final question, what's the deal with bearded-lumberjack-in-hiding-Dexter?

dexter, season 8

[end spoilers]

Back in January I kinda started binge-watching Dexter on Netflix, which has all eight seasons, so it didn't take me long to finish. Everyone...EVERYONE I knew that watched it, told me to stop after season four (with John Lithgow, which was also the best season I think). I'm pretty sure we've all had people say that to us upon starting a new show late in the game, so we all know that if we get however-many-seasons-in and still like it, stopping now isn't really on our radar. This is both good and bad. For example, everyone told me to stop watching  The Office after Michael Scott dips out. I watched every single episode (multiple times) and I say that that suggestion is a load of shit. I might even say it was even better after he left; but now I'm treading in dangerous waters, so I'll leave it at that. Point being, you just have to watch through and decide these things for yourself, for better or worse.

But now I'll join the club and say that when it comes to Dexter, they were right. Obviously you're gonna do what you wanna do, but now you know. Watch through season 4. After that you'll feel like starting season 5 sounds like a good idea (I get it), so do that if you must. A few episodes into season 5 you'll start to get bored (it was a boring season IMO) and think about stopping.

Go with your gut and turn that shit off.

You're welcome.


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