Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

Happy Wednesday! You might have noticed I'm not too great at that whole "Wordless Wednesday" thing. I don't know. I thought it'd be cool to do a weekly thing on here, but honestly, I don't take super interesting pictures, and if I'm not going to do it weekly then what's the point. So I guess it's a bust, hahah.

Anyway, what I'm writing about today is more fun than that, so it doesn't even matter.

Last night I made this little woven chain bracelet. I used this tutorial from the blog Honestly WTF (questionable name, great DIY's), fudging the numbers a bit since my chain isn't exactly like theirs.

Woven Chain Bracelet

The chain I used came in a big bag of scrap jewelry pieces I bought at a thrift store. It had these big, plastic beads all over it, so I just pried them off. I think I spend as much time taking jewelry apart as I do making it. My nails hate me for it (yes, I do have pliers), but it beats buying new supplies all the time.

Not gonna lie, I had a little trouble. The directions are simple, but I couldn't get the thread to lay just right. After restarting twice I thought, "You know what? I already know it's not going to be perfect; just finish the dang thing, who cares." So I did. Looking at it complete, I don't think it looks as bad as I thought it did last night, so that's nice.

If I made another, I thought it might be fun to make it into a charm bracelet. Knowing me, I'd probably use blue thread, and attach water themed charms on it. Have you noticed I have a thing for charms, yet?