Saturday, February 15, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Have you seen The LEGO Movie yet? I finally went on Thursday; I was SO excited all week long, because as we recently discussed, I'm really into LEGO's :)

If you don't quite get the post title, it's from the ridiculously catchy faux-pop hit played over and over (and over) in the movie. 

I also went covered in LEGO, because obviously. Shirt, bag, and you can't see them but I'm also wearing blue LEGO stud earrings.


I'm standing on my shower ledge. Short people problems...gotta step my selfie-game up.

So if you haven't already guessed, The LEGO Movie was AWESOME (see what I did there, heh). I can't wait to see it again. Something I thought was cool was how the whole thing looks like it's filmed in stop motion, unlike the obvious CGI used for LEGO video games and TV specials. The movie actually looked like there were LEGO people running around on screen. In reality it actually WAS made with CGI, with bits of stop motion thrown in. Either way, it was really, really cool to look at and I was impressed.

Also, I wanna throw this out there. If you don't want to see it, that's cool, just hear me out. Alot of people are saying, "It's a kids movie, why would I want to see that?" Ok, yeah it's classified as a kids movie, you're right. But there's lots of sly humor that your kids aren't going to get, which I found hilarious. I thought the whole movie was hilarious, really. There's also pieces of LEGO history thrown in, and if you're a big LEGO fan you will definitely notice and appreciate it. Nostalgia 100%.

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