Saturday, January 18, 2014

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

Yesterday I got to check out Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination, an exhibit currently at the Tech Museum in San Jose! I also had an awkward run-in with a furry convention, but I'll save that for another day. Warning - photo-heavy post ahead!

Star Wars: Science Meets Imagination is a traveling exhibition that features props, costumes and models used in the Star Wars films, but it heavily focuses on the science behind it all. There were a lot of hands-on things to play with, and even if you're not a huge Star Wars nerd (like my wonderful mother) I think you'd still find it pretty cool.

Instead of boring you with words I thought I'd let the pictures do most of the talking (however, they're rather dark - no flash allowed).

Here's Han Solo and Boba Fett's real costumes they wore int he movies! :)

Jawa's and Ewok's are the best, really. (But there weren't any Ewok's there!!)

Tusken Raiders are super tall IRL.

They kept the lights low, but it was pretty cool.

My handsome Star Wars nerd :)

Luke's prosthetic hand. Creepy/cool/both?

The yoda puppet! This was one of my favorite things we saw there. I took a puppetry class in college!

Wookie's are also pretty tall.

Lots of ship models! They were so intricate!

So there you have it. Not pictured are the work stations throughout the exhibit. I tried controlling robot legs - which I wasn't great at. I also learned that my imaginary Jawa camp would tragically fail, but that's ok, because turns out I'm a great moisture farmer.