Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A book survey!

A. Author You’ve Read The Most Books From: Lemony Snicket maybe. Series of Unfortunate Events was long.

B. Best Sequel Ever: My Friend Leonard OR Dreams of Joy. Buuut Fight Club 2 hasn't come out yet.

C. Currently Reading: Gone Girl...slowly.

D. Drink of Choice While Reading: Coffee until 4PM, after that tea.

E. E-Reader or Physical Books: I enjoy physical books more, but I like that I learned how to download the books I want for free on my e-reader. If I had all the monies I would probably buy alot more physical books.

F. Fictional Character You Would Have Dated In High School: Meh I was stupid in highschool so who knows.

G. Glad You Gave This Book A Chance: Hunger Games. They weren't awesome but they were fun to read and alot better than I thought they'd be. Movie still sucks though. 

H. Hidden Gem Book: ???

I. Important Moments of Your Reading Life: Probably when I started to actually like reading.

J. Just Finished: Ocean at the End of the Lane

K. Kinds of Books You Won’t Read: 90% of YA lit, most sci-fi, books about loving your dog or whatever.

L. Longest Book You’ve Read: Which is the longest Harry Potter book? Order of the Phoenix was pretty long. The last Ken Follett book I read was really long too. Anna Karenina was looong but I skimmed some chapters so I dunno if that counts. So I guess I don't know the answer to this question.

M. Major Book Hangover Because Of: Cloud Atlas - because everything else I tried to read after that just seemed so simple and bleh. And because that one thing and SIGH.

N. Number of Bookcases You Own: Well there's three in the apartment, and I have three more in my room at moms :) I hope to someday have them all in the same place.

O. One Book That You Have Read Multiple Times: I've read Bears Famous Invasion of Sicily maybe five times from start to finish. The entire Series of Unfortunate Events Series twice. A Long Way Down twice. Off topic - Long Way Down is being made into a movie this year, with Aaron Paul (swoon) and Pierce Brosnan. YAY. Oops, that wasn't just one book.

P. Preferred Place to Read: Bed or couch. If I read in bed there's a 98% chance I'll fall asleep, which is only nice sometimes.

Q. Quote From A Book That Inspires You/Gives You Feels: waaaahhhhhh

R. Reading Regret: Brave New World. TOO WEIRD.

S. Series You Started and Need to Finish: I didn't read the last two Harry Potter books. I guess I've never bothered because I've seen the movies so many times now.

T. Three Of Your All-Time Favorite Books: UGHHH

U. Unapologetic Fangirl For: Ken Follett books...trash or works of art? I may never decide.

W. Worst Bookish Habit: I have an irrational fear of putting books my purse, because I keep alot of shit in my purse and I don't like my books getting bent up.

V. Very Excited For This Release More Than Any Other: The Fight Club sequel!!!!!!!!

X. Marks The Spot (Start On Your Bookshelf And Count to the 27th Book): It's Kind of a Funny Story. Now I'm sad because it's a good book about depression and the author killed himself recently :(

Y. Your Latest Book Purchase: The last book I bought was Humans of New York, except it wasn't for me. It was for Alyssa for Christmas. It was really cool though.

Z. ZZZ-Snatcher (last book that kept you up WAY late): I work too early to stay up late. Although the other day I was reading Gone Girl at midnight and that's pretty ballsy for me. Livin' on the wild side.


  1. I love how much you read. I swear I have ADD since starting blogging, I am always doing something online when I am not working. Must. Read. More. Books!

    1. Ohhh I used to read so much more! Now I feel like I'm constantly distracted. There's always some blog thing I'm doing, or a new episode of a show to watch, or some weird video game I'm playing. Never ending! It's a curse, hahah.