Thursday, November 14, 2013


Shortly after my last post, illness befell me. It sucks.

So, for most of the year I've had these on and off ear pains. They were annoying, but I'd take some Ibruprofin and in a few days it'd go away. I kept meaning to go to the doctor, but life got in the way and honestly I didn't want to spend the money. Then, I woke up with a TERRIBLE pain in my left ear. I took Ibruprofin, didn't help. I finally caved in and made a doctors appointment for the next day. By the time I got there, the pain had spread through my face and into my right ear, as my left ear progressively got worse - I wanted to tear my head off! Not surprisingly, the doctor said I had an ear BOTH ears. I'd never had an ear infection before, but now I totally get why everyone hates them.

Anyway, she gave me these weird ear drop things, and said to use them twice a day and I should feel better by tomorrow. Easy peasy. The next day rolls around, and I can't say I'm any better. Unfortunately it's Friday, the first day of our closing weekend of Gypsy. When you work in theatre, you can't really call out of work. Everyone has their own job to do, and the only person that really knows how to do your tasks is I sucked it up and went. Oh, this is the day I also came down with a cold. I read they commonly come with ear infections, which SUCKS because it just adds sinus pressure to all the head/ear pressure you're already feeling. Ugh, life.

Then it got worse.

It makes sense when I think about it now. I did all my pre-show duties, I was in pain but I managed to get everything done just fine. Then the music started playing (the theatre I work at does primarily musicals). All of a sudden, the pain in my ears and head was magnified to a whole new level. I had no idea it could get that bad! I started crying, 1) because I cry alot and 2) because it REALLY HURT OK. I talked to the stage manager; if my job wasn't going to be up to par tonight he should know about it. Instead, he sent me home. I felt just awful about it, like I let everyone down. Doing theatre really is something you do as a team, and if you don't, sometimes it doesn't work out. But at the same time my head felt like it was going to explode through the audience, so I wouldn't have been much help anyway.

The next day I had a phone appointment with another doctor. He prescribed me some pain medication and told me not to go back to the theatre or anywhere else loud until I was better.

That was a few days ago. Now, I'm doing better, but I'm not better. I don't have to take the pain medication anymore, but I can't hear really well, my right ear I can't hear anything from, and it won't stop ringing. I think once this is done I'm going to really appreciate silence.


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