Saturday, November 30, 2013

annnd I'm still sick

At the beginning of the month, I was really motivated to start blogging more. I thought it'd be good for me. Then I got a stupid everlasting ear infection (I still have it, but it's slowly getting better), and the holiday season work jumbo, and...yeah. Sigh.

I hope we all had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was cut a little short, but I spent it with loved ones and great food, which is all I could ask for. As always, this year has been pretty rough; but it's so important to remember the things you're thankful for!

Anyway, at work we started (and ended, it only showed for one weekend) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It's pretty popular and well-known, but if you haven't seen it yet I strongly urge you to watch the movie with Donny Osmond (that is, assuming it isn't playing live in a theatre near you). The music is catchy, it's silly and Donny Osmond has great hair. It's one of my favorite shows! So, I was excited when they hooked me up with a free show tee ; )

Blurry selfies in the bathroom! Yeah!

So how about Black Friday? When I'm not living the life of a theatre techie (though I am most of the time), I work part-time at Target. That's where I was on Black Friday. I would say it's the third worst place to work on that day; the first being Wal-Mart and second being Best Buy. I went in at 7:45pm Thanksgiving night and stayed until 4:15am on Friday morning. Ugh. TV's and gaming consoles aren't in my budget right now, so I didn't take advantage of any of the "door buster" (I hate that term) deals. Throughout my shift I did a little sneak-and-stash shopping in the clothes, because everything was 40% off. My preferred daily uniform always includes a v-neck tee, and Target happens to carry my favorite kind - meaning I can get ones that fit around my boobs without the rest of the shirt fitting like a bed sheet. Later on Friday (after I went home and slept until noon) my mom called and wanted to check out these nook HD tablets on sale at both Target and Barnes and Noble. Not surprising, Target didn't have any left, but Barnes and Noble had plenty! She bought us both tablets because she's wonderful and loves me. This is my first tablet. Not gonna lie, I did get pretty frustrated trying to set it up, but we're all ok so everything's cool. I'm still learning new things but so far I already love it! I also got a nifty The New Yorker case for it, which I love. Because cats.

The New Yorker cat nook case

Anyway, I'd like to say that starting in December is when I'll really start blogging more, but that isn't true. On December 5th The Yeti and I leave for Maryland, which will also include a day in NEW YORK where I have never been! At least I know I'm sure to write about THAT.

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