Saturday, November 30, 2013

annnd I'm still sick

At the beginning of the month, I was really motivated to start blogging more. I thought it'd be good for me. Then I got a stupid everlasting ear infection (I still have it, but it's slowly getting better), and the holiday season work jumbo, and...yeah. Sigh.

I hope we all had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was cut a little short, but I spent it with loved ones and great food, which is all I could ask for. As always, this year has been pretty rough; but it's so important to remember the things you're thankful for!

Anyway, at work we started (and ended, it only showed for one weekend) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It's pretty popular and well-known, but if you haven't seen it yet I strongly urge you to watch the movie with Donny Osmond (that is, assuming it isn't playing live in a theatre near you). The music is catchy, it's silly and Donny Osmond has great hair. It's one of my favorite shows! So, I was excited when they hooked me up with a free show tee ; )

Blurry selfies in the bathroom! Yeah!

So how about Black Friday? When I'm not living the life of a theatre techie (though I am most of the time), I work part-time at Target. That's where I was on Black Friday. I would say it's the third worst place to work on that day; the first being Wal-Mart and second being Best Buy. I went in at 7:45pm Thanksgiving night and stayed until 4:15am on Friday morning. Ugh. TV's and gaming consoles aren't in my budget right now, so I didn't take advantage of any of the "door buster" (I hate that term) deals. Throughout my shift I did a little sneak-and-stash shopping in the clothes, because everything was 40% off. My preferred daily uniform always includes a v-neck tee, and Target happens to carry my favorite kind - meaning I can get ones that fit around my boobs without the rest of the shirt fitting like a bed sheet. Later on Friday (after I went home and slept until noon) my mom called and wanted to check out these nook HD tablets on sale at both Target and Barnes and Noble. Not surprising, Target didn't have any left, but Barnes and Noble had plenty! She bought us both tablets because she's wonderful and loves me. This is my first tablet. Not gonna lie, I did get pretty frustrated trying to set it up, but we're all ok so everything's cool. I'm still learning new things but so far I already love it! I also got a nifty The New Yorker case for it, which I love. Because cats.

The New Yorker cat nook case

Anyway, I'd like to say that starting in December is when I'll really start blogging more, but that isn't true. On December 5th The Yeti and I leave for Maryland, which will also include a day in NEW YORK where I have never been! At least I know I'm sure to write about THAT.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Shortly after my last post, illness befell me. It sucks.

So, for most of the year I've had these on and off ear pains. They were annoying, but I'd take some Ibruprofin and in a few days it'd go away. I kept meaning to go to the doctor, but life got in the way and honestly I didn't want to spend the money. Then, I woke up with a TERRIBLE pain in my left ear. I took Ibruprofin, didn't help. I finally caved in and made a doctors appointment for the next day. By the time I got there, the pain had spread through my face and into my right ear, as my left ear progressively got worse - I wanted to tear my head off! Not surprisingly, the doctor said I had an ear BOTH ears. I'd never had an ear infection before, but now I totally get why everyone hates them.

Anyway, she gave me these weird ear drop things, and said to use them twice a day and I should feel better by tomorrow. Easy peasy. The next day rolls around, and I can't say I'm any better. Unfortunately it's Friday, the first day of our closing weekend of Gypsy. When you work in theatre, you can't really call out of work. Everyone has their own job to do, and the only person that really knows how to do your tasks is I sucked it up and went. Oh, this is the day I also came down with a cold. I read they commonly come with ear infections, which SUCKS because it just adds sinus pressure to all the head/ear pressure you're already feeling. Ugh, life.

Then it got worse.

It makes sense when I think about it now. I did all my pre-show duties, I was in pain but I managed to get everything done just fine. Then the music started playing (the theatre I work at does primarily musicals). All of a sudden, the pain in my ears and head was magnified to a whole new level. I had no idea it could get that bad! I started crying, 1) because I cry alot and 2) because it REALLY HURT OK. I talked to the stage manager; if my job wasn't going to be up to par tonight he should know about it. Instead, he sent me home. I felt just awful about it, like I let everyone down. Doing theatre really is something you do as a team, and if you don't, sometimes it doesn't work out. But at the same time my head felt like it was going to explode through the audience, so I wouldn't have been much help anyway.

The next day I had a phone appointment with another doctor. He prescribed me some pain medication and told me not to go back to the theatre or anywhere else loud until I was better.

That was a few days ago. Now, I'm doing better, but I'm not better. I don't have to take the pain medication anymore, but I can't hear really well, my right ear I can't hear anything from, and it won't stop ringing. I think once this is done I'm going to really appreciate silence.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Life Lately (a rambling post with pictures)


Things have been busy around here, so I've been pretty tired/stressed/overworked/drinking all the coffee. Fun times! I'm gonna ramble about a couple things, which I will group into a few categories.


I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I work as a technician in a performance art theatre. Whenever we're in the middle of a show run things are ALWAYS stressful. Each time I try to convince myself I'm going to be smarter about it and try to make it easier on myself somehow, but I never do. I just drink alot of coffee and eat shit food. Anyway, next weekend is our closing weekend of the musical "Gypsy." It's not my favorite, but it's a pretty fun show.

My favorite number in it is the very last one, called "Rose's Turn." You spend most of the show hating this mother, Rose, and even though her actions were wrong, by the end of the song you can't help but feel for her, as shes been left all alone, thinking about her own dreams she never fulfilled. Check it out (at least for the quick look at Hugh Jackman's hair) - you can skip to 1:50 to get straight to the song, but the first two minutes give a little background on the show if you're curious.

Or, if this is more your thing, I found out they did a rendition of the song on Glee! I don't watch Glee, but I like the idea behind it.


I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Mine was pretty low-key, but it was fun. The night before we had some friends over to we watched a bunch of episodes of "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" while drinking dranks and eating chips. I had no idea that show was on for SEVEN seasons? I guess you don't pay attention to those type of things when you're a kid. On the actual eve of Halloween, The Yeti and I went to my families house to play games and pass out candy (we never get any trick-or-treaters at our apartment). So after dinner I threw on my favorite panda onesie and gave out chocolates to little super heroes and Disney princesses.

You can tell The Yeti didn't get into it as much, but it's ok because I took care of it....*side eye*

Semi on-topic, we watched V/H/S/2 yesterday. I liked it much better than the first one, but I'm not ready to go tell everyone to watch it. But I will say I thought the videos were alot more creative this time around! I particularly liked "A Ride in the Park" and "Safe Haven."

Other Stuff
I got another really fun box in the mail from Influenster, so I'll be writing about that soon! Here's a little peek! So far I've only tried out the Gradation nail polishes, and I loooooooooooooveeee them.

Influenster Rose Voxbox

Sooo that's me lately :)