Thursday, September 19, 2013

I finally tried this gel nail thing...

...annnd it was pretty cool.

I love nail polish. For the most part, when it comes to makeup and beauty I'm pretty clueless. But nail polish? YES. When I can afford to I like to try the nail trends (except nail art, I will never be good at nail art, and those pen things DO NOT help), which is why it took me a little longer to jump on the gel nail bandwagon.

Sorry I have janky work hands.

Sort of hard to tell in the picture, but I picked a nude color with gold glitter on top. Since I wanted to see how long it would last I picked a color that wouldn't be so obvious when my nails started to grow out. Also I dunno if you can tell, but they were SO. SHINY. I mean wow.

So what did I think? The first thing I noticed was that they looked great. Once I was able to take my hands out of the hand cancer machine, the next thing I noticed was that the lady didn't lie; they really were dry already, and how strong and durable my nails felt.

They lasted about two and a half weeks. My line of work is pretty rough on my hands, but if I worked at a desk or something, I think they would have lasted longer. Even when I decided to take it off there was still a majority of it left, but the regrowth was getting a little out of control, and I hate having long nails. Now, getting it off? That was the hard part. The woman at the salon told me the best idea was to come back in and have them do it for me. Me being me, I obviously was not interested in paying more money just to have nail polish removed...but now I see why that's a thing. I ended up prying it off myself. On my first nail I was like, "dang, this is easy!" because the gel is so thick and easy to grab on to. Then I realized when I pulled it off, it PULLED THE FIRST LAYER OF MY NAIL OFF with it. Which wasn't painful, FYI, but still not cool.

So yeah...I don't have a good removal method to share with you. I'll figure it out next time. Soaking in acetone would probably be a good idea though...(oops).

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