Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lifeway Kefir!

Recently I was sent a voucher to try something from the Lifeway Kefir line, so I could try it out and tell people what I thought about it! To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect. When they sent me the e-mail, I hadn't heard of Lifeway before and wasn't sure if I wanted to accept the offer, but after taking a look at their website I knew it was something I wanted to try.

This year I've been trying to pay more attention to my diet and exercise. The exercising has been going ok, but my diet has been the really hard part. When it comes to health type foods with keywords like probiotic, gluten free, active cultures...I'm pretty clueless. What do I need, and why do I need it? And REALLY, what is up with the gluten free craze lately?! (Ok, gluten has nothing to do with this post, but I really am curious.)

Anyway, what I ended up using my voucher for was this Pomegranate Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie.

Lifeway Kefir pomegranate
It was MUCH bigger than I thought it would be!

It's lowfat, filled with probiotic cultures, and pretty delicious! It's also a great source of calcium and protein. So, what are probiotic cultures, and why should I care? Probiotic cultures are bacteria's that are good for you! When ingested in adequate amounts it helps to inhibit digestive tracks, to help your body digest food and control the harmful bacteria's in your body.

Remember those drinkable Danimals yogurts that you drank as a kid (or still do, I won't judge)? That's what this reminded me of, but obviously much healthier. It didn't taste like some weird health drink, either! I tried the pomegranate, but there's also strawberry, blueberry and a few other flavors. It was sweet and a little tangy. I was drinking it for breakfast, and the bottle lasted me three days. Sometimes I have to get up for work at 3AM, and I know it's smarter to eat something before work, but at a stupid hour like that I just don't have the motivation to make breakfast. This drink was perfect for that! It filled me up, and all I had to do was open the bottle. Easy peasy. I was pretty pleased, and at less than $5.00 I can see myself purchasing it in the future.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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