Monday, March 18, 2013

The Color Run!

The Color Run
Running buddy had to crouch down to my height so we could take selfies.

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to make it to The Color Run!

The Color Run is a 5k run, and basically you run/walk this 5k track while having a rainbow of color thrown at you. Think of it like the Holi Festival, except it's not about Hindus and you will get much more tired. I highly recommend watching some of The Color Runs promotional videos. They always seem to put me in a good mood, and you can see how much fun it is!

Clean and fresh~

Even though it's called a "run," it's not a race and no one will mean mug you if you're seen walking/crawling along. Probably more than half of us were. My friend there is ex-military and ran the whole damn thing and then looped back to finish it with me. I am not that badass and went through doing running/talking intervals. Throughout the track you'll encounter "color zones," each with their own color. So you'll go through a yellow color zone, get some fresh air for a bit and soon you'll make it to the blue zone, and by the time you've finished you'll look like a rainbow vomited all over you. What I DID NOT expect was that running through the color zones is more like running through a color cloud, so good luck getting through without bumping into someone. Also, not only does the color get all over your body, but it gets in your mouth (tastes like corn starch), and later on you'll blow your nose and see it in there too (yeah, ew), and the next day when you use a Q-tip the end of it will be purple. It even got on the soles of my socks, which confused me because my shoes were on the whole time? So yeah, it gets EVERYWHERE.

The Color Run finish line
Finish line!
Also, a portion of the money from each Color Run goes to a different charity for each city. It's a good time for a good cause, what's not to like?

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