Thursday, March 14, 2013

First impressions

The other day I got this new Domo shirt, and he's all rastafarian; red, green and yellow with dreadlocks and a mic in one hand. I showed The Yeti and asked him if he thought it was the coolest thing ever (because it is), and he says "everyone will think you smoke lots of pot."

Womp womp.

So lately I've been thinking about first impressions. Things people think about us based on how we look, or just because someone doesn't know us too well. By the way - I don't smoke lots of pot (heh), but I do think dreadlocks are really cool, and if I didn't have Asian people hair I'd try and get some of my own (shuddup).

Rastafarian Domo shirt

P.S. I've been meaning to write about my day at The Color Run, but I've been busy and lazy. So that will happen eventually (...she says to her 0% readership).

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