Friday, December 2, 2016


I guess I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. It wasn't intentional, but I think the cold weather just leaves me uninspired??! When you follow so many wonderful bloggers, it's easy to get caught up with the idea that you always need something "cool" to write about, or that everything needs to be an "article" or something. I don't always (or rarely ever, tbh) have particularly cool things to write about, and I always let that deter me from writing ._. But not today! I still don't have anything super exciting, but I wanted to write about my Thanksgiving :) It's more of a journaling piece, really. But isn't that how blogs started out, anyway? :)

Photo courtesy of new bud Ultraman.

On Thanksgiving Andrew and I went to my families house. I have two brothers that were also there, along with my older brothers longtime girlfriend. We kept things a little more casual this year. I don't can't cook, so my food contribution was an apple and pumpkin pie from the grocery store ;) I don't even like pie, but I understand I'm the minority and that it's a traditional Thanksgiving thing so whatever. When we got there Andrew made the mashed potatoes (he has for the last few years, but they came out particularly good this year). As we ate we did the whole "go around the table and say what you're thankful for" thing. Things have felt a little bleak lately *coughTRUMPcough*, but even so I think it's important to be mindful and thankful for the blessings you have. Just a few things I'm thankful for this year:

- My wonderful friends and family (typical, but couldn't leave them out obviously)
- Having two jobs that I'm happy with.
- Finally getting referred to an ear specialist (I have a lot of ear issues lol)
- The candles from Bath & Body Works going on sale fairly often (#bless)

My family is really into board games, card games, RPG games (well, some of us are hahah) and all that stuff. So after we ate and let the food digest a little, we played a game my mom has, called Geek Out! After playing that for awhile (we don't really keep score, we usually just keep playing until we start argue over the semantics of a card) we tried out a game I recently bought, The Oregon Trail Card Game. It's a Target limited time exclusive, so hurry and pick it up (plus it's only $11.99 - a great deal compared to most other tabletop games)! It's modeled after the classic computer game, but you get to play it with your friends which makes it even better :) Our wagon made it almost all the way to Willamette Valley, but in the end we all died :( Maybe we'll do better next time hahah. The rules were a little confusing, but again hopefully we'll do better next time :P

After we left my families was time to go shopping. I picked up a 3DS on Thanksgiving. I'm always so torn on Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping :( On one hand I hate how stores force people to work on the holiday, but on the other hand some people actually WANT to work on holidays and that's cool too. I don't know if all places are the same, but when I used to work at Target we were paid time and a half on Thanksgiving, but regular pay on Black Friday; so many of my coworkers wanted to work on Thanksgiving. I understand that technically Black Friday is just a regular day. I just think it's silly that you're paid your regular amount to work on the most stressful shopping day of the year, and time and a half on, like, Independence Day or something. Not that Independence Day isn't important, but I've worked plenty of retail and I can promise you that working on Black Friday is 1000x worse than working on Independence Day.

My beautiful new DS.

As I was saying...the 3DS. I had to line up outside of Target an hour before the store opened. It wasn't pleasant, but I had my friend who still worked there take a look and he told me the store was only sent eighteen of the 3DS's. Eighteen. Wtf? And I definitely wasn't going to pay full price for one, so I knew what I had to do. I knew exactly where the 3DS's were, so as soon as the doors opened I sped over. They were in a locked up case, and as a Target employee went to go get the key for the case, a line (more of a group/huddle since I guess we don't know how lines work) started to form around me. As the employee starts unlocking the case I feel someone leaning behind me (gross) and is shoving his hand in between me and the case that I was sandwiched against, trying to grab the DS that the employee is about to hand me (RUDE). This next part I'm not proud of - I shoved him back with my elbow (seriously, he was full on AGAINST ME) and said "Can you chill out? Back up." I mean. Really? Can you chill out? Out of all the badass things I could have said, and I said can you chill out? I am appalled at my behavior, but also disappointed to know that I will never be a hardcore badass fighter with witty one-liners. Ah, well. After nabbing my DS we went to look for the Chromecasts, which were also on sale. I wasn't entirely convinced on the need for a Chromecast (mostly because I hadn't done my research, but I love it now, more on that later) but Andrew had been talking about getting one for a few months now, so we figured we might as well get it while it's on sale. The weird part was that even though it was one of the "door buster deals," NONE of the Target employees had any idea what a Chromecast even was. If the Chromecasts had been sitting where they normally sit then this wouldn't have bothered me. But they weren't, so we kinda wandered around the electronics dept in circles, looking around and asking "excuse me, do you know where the Chromecasts are?" to every employee we saw. Luckily we found them ourselves, eventually :)

I also picked up Pokemon Sun that night. It wasn't on sale, but how could I get a 3DS and not get Pokemon Sun? (The only correct answer is that I couldn't, unless I was getting Pokemon Moon instead.) I'm really enjoying it so far. The graphics are fresh and so different from the Pokemon games I'm used to (the last one I played was Pokemon Black). Also I am obsessed with my starter Pokemon, Rowlet. HE IS SO CUTE.  There's a feature to clean up/take care of your pokemon after battles, which I do whenever I can because then Rowlet smiles and does a little spinny dance! Sigh. Another DS game I want to try is Monster Hunter. Aside from Pokemon, Monster Hunter is one of the main reasons I've wanted a 3DS. I haven't played any of them, but I've been following it for a long time and that type of game is right up my ally. It kind of sounds like Dynasty Warriors...but with Monsters. I asked Andrew to get me a Monster Hunter game for Christmas, but I'm not sure which one I want?? I kind of just want to start with 4, but some people say I should start with 3. If you've played this series please weigh in ;)

Now, back to Chromecasts. Basically what it does is make it really super easy AF to stream things from your computer to your TV. So if you watch a lot of shows online/on your PC then you may find this useful. Last year Andrew and I were gifted a super badass 4k TV. Since we don't have cable we mostly used it to watch Netflix and play XBox, so the super badass TV just wasn't being utilized as well as it could be. For current shows we always had to watch them on our computers, which was a little frustrating when we wanted to watch shows together. Bring in the Chromecast! Now all the shows we watch on our computers, we can watch on our TV while snuggling on the couch.

Annnnnd that about sums up my Thanksgiving. This post turned out a lot longer than I expected, hahah. Now I'm off something. Maybe I'll watch Bridget Jones Baby. I totally meant to see it in theaters (no shame) but I guess it was a total bust, because when I was trying to go see it, it had already left theaters??? Disappointing.

Monday, November 7, 2016

November Goals + October Check-In

October is my favorite month. Just a few reasons - Halloween, it's starting to cool down, I get to do The Rocky Horror Show at work, I can start wearing all the hats my mom knits me, and lots of Fall scented candles hit the shelves (my favorite kind). It's also mine and Andrew's anniversary month (six years on the 16th)!! I didn't set many goals for October, but I managed to do a lot of cool stuff anyway. Here's how I did on my goals (and some other things).

1. Make/gather the pieces for my Halloween costume. Success! My costume was simple, but I'm pleased with it nonetheless. I was Jughead Jones :) My mom knit the hat for me, I made the hat pins, I bought a red S shirt on Redbubble (I should have taken full outfit photos, sigh). And because I was running around on a cold and rainy October night, I threw on a black hoodie and denim vest to make it the Fiona Staples version. I'll definitely be wearing this hat for the rest of Fall/Winter ;) I spent the evening causing havoc with my friend, who was dressed as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

2. Get back into drinking more water. Yeah! I got sick, and when I get sick I drink ALLLLLL THE WATER so this one kinda worked itself out >_> One of my co-workers found the same 72oz water bottle I use (and that everyone teases me about, but w/e) at Marshall's, so she bought one and now we have contests every day to see who drinks the most water by the end of our shifts.

3. Host a giveaway. Done! Participation was a lot smaller than my last few giveaways, but I guess X-Files is sort of a niche interest, and that's ok hahah. The winner was Gladys from Usagi in Wonderland!

Some other things I did...

Finally started doing some legit wedding planning. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I've finally started seriously looking at locations, and even e-mailing some of them with questions!!! Andrew and I are finally finding a lot of options we agree on which is fun too hahah.

Caught a Snorlax in Pokemon Go. Snorlax is my favorite Pokemon and I've been trying to find him since DAY ONE. It only took me four months...

Found a place in town to get really good ramen. It was SOOO GOOOOOOD. Can't wait to find an excuse to go back.

Voted! #RockTheVote and all that.

Start Christmas shopping.
I know, it's early, but I hate leaving it all for December because then I end up doing it all at the last second. Even if I don't actually buy any of it this month, I want to at least get a list started.

List some bags/purses on Poshmark/Vinted/Something. Back in August one of my goals was to purge/donate items (which I did)! However I have a large purse collection that I held on to in hopes that I could sell some of them instead. Do you have any favorite sites for selling your items? I used to have a lot of luck with Poshmark, but once they stopped doing all the free/discounted shipping days it's been a little harder.

Start a morning routine. I've always been a night owl, but I have to admit that when I get up earlier I feel much more productive. I'd like to make a bit of a routine for myself, that isn't just "drag yourself out of bed and get ready for work." Since I have to be up early anyway, I might as well make the most of it.

Catch new Pokemon! I'm going to Kentucky in a few days, I'm hoping there will be some new Pokemon for me to catch over there. I'm also looking forward to spending time with my family while I'm there, too :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Survival International + X-Files Shirt Giveaway!

Omaze X-Files shirt
Awkward sleepy eye + X-Files appreciation photo.

Back in August, I saw a photo posted on Gillian Anderson's facebook page! It showed her and fellow X-Files cast mates in matching "the truth is out there" t-shirts. The post said she started a campaign with Omaze to raise money for Survival International. The deal was that there needed to be 500 shirt orders for the goal to be funded, with 18 days to reach the goal. I didn't know what Survival International was at the time, but I was already sold on the idea tbh. Getting a cool shirt while supporting a good cause? Count me in. While I was excited to donate, part of me just wanted to be in their club and have the same shirt as them >_>


"The truth is out there, and when you go searching for it, you should be wearing this shirt. Designed for the ultimate The X-Files fan, this exclusive t-shirt seeks out not only the truth, but justice too. Funds raised from support Survival International, a nonprofit preventing the annihilation of tribal peoples. Survival gives them a platform to speak to the world; they investigate atrocities and present evidence to the United Nations and other international forums; they support legal representation; they fund medical and self-help projects; and they educate, research, campaign, lobby and protest, helping to make a world where tribal peoples are respected and their human rights protected. Maybe you can trust someone after all…" - source

So I ordered a shirt...then I had to wait for the campaign to end...then I waited for the shirts to be printed, and finally mailed out. Then! It showed up at my house. THE TRUTH WAS WITH ME. Everything was right in the world.

That's better.

However there's one part I left out of the story, and that's when my shirt arrived...I was sent the wrong size. I was pretty bummed, but shit happens, it's ok. I double checked my order conformation, and then I e-mailed customer service. Luckily they were SUPER nice; another shirt was sent and I got it within the week! As for the original shirt, they told me to keep it and pass it along to someone else that would enjoy it. So that's what I'm going to do! Enter below to win your own Survival International/X-Files shirt! It's a unisex size L, and super soft! If the winner sends me a picture of them wearing it, I'll even add you into our family photo up there :P

International giveaway! Please be aware that the shirt you will receive is a unisex size L. This post isn't sponsored by Omaze or anything - winner does not get to choose their own size. Please no giveaway-only accounts. Winner will be notified by email ASAP and has one week to respond. If there is no response in that time, another winner will be chosen.